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Parliamentary Questions - Legislative Assembly

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Current Parliamentary Questions - Legislative Assembly

You can find answers to questions on notice and questions without notice through this section. Answers to questions with notice are uploaded as soon as these become available.

O indicates question has been answered
X indicates question has been withdrawn

QwN indicates Question without Notice
QoN indicates Question on Notice

Date Question number Member asking Relevant portfolio
O15/08/2019QwN 654Mrs A.K. HAYDENPremier
O15/08/2019QwN 653Mrs A.K. HAYDENPremier
O15/08/2019QwN 652Mr M.J. FOLKARDCorrective Services
O15/08/2019QwN 651Mr V.A. CATANIATransport
O15/08/2019QwN 650Mr V.A. CATANIATransport
O15/08/2019QwN 649Dr A.D. BUTISport and Recreation
O15/08/2019QwN 648Mr Z.R.F. KIRKUPMental Health
O15/08/2019QwN 647Mr Z.R.F. KIRKUPMental Health
O15/08/2019QwN 646Mr J.N. CAREYHousing
O15/08/2019QwN 645Mr V.A. CATANIAFisheries
O15/08/2019QwN 644Mr V.A. CATANIAFisheries
O15/08/2019QwN 643Mr D.R. MICHAELHealth
O15/08/2019QwN 642Mrs L.M. HARVEYPremier
O15/08/2019QwN 641Mrs L.M. HARVEYPremier
O15/08/2019QwN 640Ms A. SANDERSONPremier
O15/08/2019QwN 639Mrs L.M. HARVEYHealth
O15/08/2019QwN 638Mrs L.M. HARVEYHealth
14/08/2019QoN 5399Ms L. MettamTransport
14/08/2019QoN 5398Ms L. MettamTransport
14/08/2019QoN 5397Ms L. MettamTransport
14/08/2019QoN 5396Ms L. MettamTransport