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Inquiry into Western Australia's economic relationship with the Republic of India

Economics and Industry Standing Committee

the Economics and Industry Standing Committee will inquire into and report on matters relating to Western Australia’s economic relationship with the Republic of India. In particular, the Committee will evaluate:

1) Economic developments in India over the last decade and their implications for the bilateral trading relationship;

2) Current status of India’s trading relationship with Western Australia;

3) Existing barriers or impediments to trade; and

4) Opportunities to strengthen the trading relationship, including:

    a) the Sister State Relationship between the State Government of Western Australia and the State Government of Andhra Pradesh;
    b) the role of the Indian diaspora business and entrepreneur community;
    c) strategies to attract inbound investment to Western Australia; and
    d) developing existing and new export markets in India in target sectors, including:

    i) international education;
    ii) tourism;
    iii) minerals and energy;
    iv) advanced manufacturing; and
    v) agribusiness.

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