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Inquiry into Private Property Rights

Public Administration Committee

That the House —

    (a) recognises the fundamental proprietary right of private property ownership that underpins the social and economic security of the community;
    (b) recognises the threat to the probity of the Torrens title system, which guarantees disclosure, and re-establishes the necessity for registration of all encumbrances that affect land including environmentally sensitive areas, bushfire-prone areas and implied easements for Western Power that currently sit behind the certificate of title;
    (c) recognises the property rights of government-issued licenses and authorities including commercial fishing;
    (d) asserts that fair and reasonable compensation must be paid to the owner of private property if the value of the property is diminished by a government encumbrance or resumption in order to derive a public benefit; and
    (e) directs the Standing Committee on Public Administration to conduct an inquiry into the matters described above - with them as its terms of reference - and to report to the House within nine months of the date of the referral.

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