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      Legislative AssemblySitting Today (02:00 PM)
    • The Legislative Council meets on 06/08/2019 (02:00 PM)
      Legislative CouncilSitting Today (02:00 PM)
    • Select Committee into alternate approaches to reducing illicit drug use and its effects on the community meet on 05/08/2019 (02:45 PM)
      Select Committee into alternate approaches to reducing illicit drug use and its effects on the communitySitting Today (02:45 PM)

Tabled Papers – Legislative Council

Paper No

Tabled Papers - Legislative Council

The following papers have been tabled in the Legislative Council. If an electronic copy of the report has been supplied by the reporting agency, this may be viewed (in PDF format) by clicking on titles underlined below.

Date Type Paper
27/06/2019Reports2829AQWEST — Statement of Corporate Intent (2019-20)
27/06/2019Petitions2832Breed specific legislation requiring companion Greyhounds to be muzzled in public in Western Australia — Requests the Legislative Council to recommend the government repeal the legislation - (1186 signatures)
27/06/2019Reports2830Busselton Water — Statement of Corporate Intent (2019-20)
27/06/2019Joint Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation2834City of Rockingham Bush Fire Control and Bush Fire Brigades Amendment Local Law 2018 (Report No. 16) (June 2019) - (Date published 27/06/2019)
27/06/2019Explanatory Memorandums2839Criminal Appeals Amendment Bill 2019
27/06/2019Reports2833Department of Health — Ministerial Expert Panel on Voluntary Assisted Dying (Final Report)
27/06/2019Standing Committee on Legislation2835Human Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 (Report No. 40) (June 2019) - (Date published 27/06/2019)
27/06/2019Questions without Notice2840McGowan Government aged care election commitment on track joint press statement (10 March 2018) — Working group meeting details ( - Hon Donna Faragher)
27/06/2019Joint Standing Committee on the Corruption and Crime Commission2836Parliamentary Inspector’s report on ‘a saga of persistence’ (Report No. 11) (June 2019) - (Date published 27/06/2019)
27/06/2019Explanatory Memorandums2838Police Amendment (Medical Retirement) Bill 2019
27/06/2019Questions without Notice2841Regenerative Agriculture Network — Funded project summary - (Hon Colin Tincknell)
27/06/2019Reports2828Report of the Parliamentary Delegation to Saskatchewan and British Columbia, Western Canada (April 2019) - (Date published 27/06/2019)
27/06/2019Petitions2831Southern Forest Irrigation Scheme — Requests the Legislative Council to recommend the State Government discontinue the scheme - (862 signatures)
27/06/2019Explanatory Memorandums2837Ticket Scalping Bill 2019
26/06/2019Questions without Notice2823Castletown Primary School Esperance — Spreadsheet of works undertaken - (Hon Donna Faragher)
26/06/2019Notices2822Financial Management Act 2006 (section 82) — Notice from the Minister for Ports in relation to Parts (A) and (B) of questions asked in the Legislative Council 2019-20 Budget Estimates Hearings by the Hon Martin Aldridge
26/06/2019Questions on Notice2825Hon Jacqui Boydell — QON No. 2159 — Organisations contracted to deliver a community and neighbourhood development services in the last five years (2014-15 to 2018-19) in the Pilbara Region
26/06/2019Questions on Notice2827Hon Martin Aldridge — QON No. 2071 — WA Country Health Service nursing staff at hospitals and nursing posts 2017-18 to 2018-19 to date
26/06/2019Questions on Notice2826Hon Peter Collier — QON No. 2158 — Written advice regarding Mineral Resources LTD’s request from the Department of Water and environmental Regulation (18 February 2019) and letters from the Minister of Environment to the Environmental Protection Authority (28 February 2019)
26/06/2019Proposals2821Land Administration Act 1997 — Proposal No. 1/2019 for the cancellation of Class B Reserve No. 3269 Highgate Primary School
26/06/2019Auditor General’s Papers2820Local Government Building Approvals (Report No. 28) (June 2018-19)
26/06/2019Questions without Notice2824Yara Pilbara Fertiliser Plant (formerly Burrup Fertiliser Plant) — Works approvals, licences and amendment notices - (Hon Robin Chapple)
25/06/2019Regulations2803Associations Incorporation Act 2015 - (Commerce Regulations Amendment (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2019 G.G. 18/06/2019)
25/06/2019Explanatory Memorandums2819Betting Control Amendment (Taxing) Bill 2019
25/06/2019Regulations2804Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004 - (Mines and Petroleum Regulations Amendment (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2019 G.G. 18/06/2019)
25/06/2019By-laws2793Energy Operators (Powers) Act 1979 - (Energy Operators (Electricity Generation and Retail Corporation) (Charges) Amendment By-laws 2019 G.G. 21/06/2019 and Energy Operators (Regional Power Corporation) (Charges) Amendment By-laws 2019 G.G. 21/06/2019)
25/06/2019Regulations2805Fair Trading Act 2010 - (Fair Trading (Fitness Industry Interim Code) Regulations 2019 G.G. 21/06/2019)
25/06/2019Regulations2796Firearms Act 1973 - (Police Regulations Amendment (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2019 G.G. 21/06/2019)
25/06/2019Regulations2812Food Act 2008 - (Health Regulations Amendment (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2019 G.G. 14/06/2019)
25/06/2019Reports2800Government Employees Superannuation Board — Statement of Corporate Intent (2019-20)