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Tabled Papers – Legislative Council

Paper No

Tabled Papers - Legislative Council

The following papers have been tabled in the Legislative Council. If an electronic copy of the report has been supplied by the reporting agency, this may be viewed (in PDF format) by clicking on titles underlined below.

Date Type Paper
16/05/2019Documents2710Apprenticeships/traineeships Mapped Occupations Rates as SPOL 1, 2 and 3 — not eligible for CTF grants
16/05/2019Questions without Notice2714Contract between Cliffs Asia Pacific Iron Ore and the Southern Ports Authority ( - Hon Peter Collier)
16/05/2019Reviews2707Criminal Investigation (Covert Powers) Act 2012 — Statutory Review (May 2019)
16/05/2019Documents2709GST total Budget revenue 2018-19 to 2021-22
16/05/2019Questions on Notice2713Hon Martin Aldridge — QON No. 2006 — Detailed information in relation to public funded or supported services for the sub-regions of the WA Country Health Service - (Hon Peter Collier)
16/05/2019Questions without Notice2712Media Statement by State Government regarding collaborating with private sector to deliver Pilbara power - (Hon Peter Collier)
16/05/2019Questions without Notice2711Murdoch Mixed Use Precinct Executive Summary - (Hon Peter Collier)
16/05/2019Joint Standing Committee on Audit2708Second review of the Financial Management Act 2006 (Report No. 1) (May 2019) - (Date published 16/05/2019)
15/05/2019Auditor General’s Papers2695Audit Results Report — Annual 2018 Financial Audits (Report No. 19) (May 2019)
15/05/2019Leases2699CALM Lease No. 2972/100 — Between the Conservation and Land Management Executive Body and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services to operate regional offices from existing premises located on Reserve No. 27865 at 5 Wald Street Narrogin
15/05/2019Auditor General’s Papers2694Firearms Controls (Report No. 18) (May 2019)
15/05/2019Questions on Notice2704Hon Robin Chapple — QON No. 2040 — WA Homeported cruise ships, 2015-16 — Economic Impact Assessment (July 2016)
15/05/2019Questions without Notice2705Information regarding the fifty most recent medicinal cannabis prescriptions - (Hon Colin Tincknell)
15/05/2019Auditor General’s Papers2696Information Systems Audit Report (2019) (Report No. 20) (May 2019)
15/05/2019Questions without Notice2706Leonora Aged Care Facility — Correspondence between the Shire of Leonora and Department of Health - (Hon Robin Scott)
15/05/2019Letters2697Letter from the Premier to the President in response to the Legislative Council resolution of 3 April 2019, on access to specialist palliative care in Western Australia
15/05/2019Plans2701Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment No. 1332/41 (Plan) — Swan Valley Omnibus 1
15/05/2019Reports2702Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment No. 1332/41 — Swan Valley Omnibus 1
15/05/2019Reports2698Ministerial Office Staffing Report (as at 18 April 2019)
15/05/2019Questions without Notice2703Western Australian Police Force Sex Crime Division — List of content of training - (Hon Nick Goiran)
15/05/2019Reports2700Workcover WA — Statutory Review of Firefighter Cancer Legislation (April 2019)
14/05/2019Documents2683Agreement between the Commonwealth and Western Australia — GST top-up payments for 2019-20 to 2021-22
14/05/2019Documents2673Amended Non-Government Business Schedule (2019) (version 2)
14/05/2019Leases2678CALM Lease No. 1974/97 — Between the Conservation and Land Management Executive Body and Mr Peter Lucchesi, Mrs Edith Lucchesi, Mr Travis Luzny and Mrs Chantelle Luzny of Manjimup for the renewal of dam site lease commercial purposes within State Forest No. 36
14/05/2019Regulations2676Control of Vehicles (Off-road Areas) Act 1978 - (Control of Vehicles (Off-road Areas) Amendment Regulations 2019 G.G. 10/05/2019)
14/05/2019Notices2680Financial Management Act 2006 (section 82) — Notice from the Minister for Tourism in relation to Legislative Assembly Question on Notice No. 4972 asked by the Hon Dr Mike Nahan MLA
14/05/2019Management Plans2679Fish Resources Management Act 1994 - (West Coast Demersal Gillnet and Demersal Longline Interim Managed Fishery Management Plan Amendment 2019 [1414] G.G. 10/05/2019)
14/05/2019Questions without Notice2685Forest Product’s Commission contract of sale with Nannup Timber Processing Pty Ltd - (Hon Diane Evers)
14/05/2019Documents2692Forrestfield Tunnel soil disposal — Peel Development Commission
14/05/2019Documents2693Graph — Appropriations Bills Capital Expenditure and R4R Capital Expenditure