Opening of the 39th Parliament

The 39th Parliament was opened on Thursday, 11 April 2013. Listed below are the video records of the proceedings involved.


Arrival at Parliament House Play/play.gif

Dignitaries arrive at Parliament House forecourt and receive the salute of a Tri-Service Australian Defence Force guard. Police and military officers, the Leader of the Opposition, the Premier and His Excellency the Governor receive the salute from the guard in reverse order of precedence. On the steps of Parliament, His Excellency is introduced to the officers of the Parliament by the Usher of the Black Rod before receiving a traditional welcome to country by a Noongar elder.


Speaker’s Statement - Presentation to the Governor Play/play.gif

The Speaker is escorted into the Legislative Assembly by the Sergeant-at-Arms. He lays claim to the rights and privileges of the Parliament on behalf of the Legislative Assembly and reads a statement from the Governor promising to respect those rights and privileges.


Proclamation Play/play.gif

The President is escorted into the Legislative Council by the Usher of the Black Rod. The Clerk of the Parliaments reads the Governor’s proclamation calling the first session of the 39th Parliament. His Excellency the Governor is then escorted into the Legislative Council by the Black Rod. Once in the Chair the Governor instructs the Black Rod to request the attendance of members of the Legislative Assembly.


Black Rod - Request for members to attend Council chamber Play/play.gif

The Black Rod knocks three times at the door of the Legislative Assembly and is granted permission to enter by the Speaker. The Black Rod then conveys the Governor’s request for members to attend the Legislative Council chamber. The Black Rod, Sergeant-at-Arms, Speaker, Clerks and members of the Legislative Assembly proceed to the Legislative Council Chamber.


The Governor’s Address Play/play.gif

His Excellency the Governor delivers his address to the Parliament. He acknowledges the audience, the original custodians of the land, and on this occasion two recently deceased former members of the Parliament. He then explains the historical development of the role of the governor in Western Australia before outlining the government’s agenda for the next four years. He then wishes members of the Parliament well and declares open the 39th Parliament of Western Australia.


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