The Department of the Legislative Council

The Department of the Legislative Council (the “department”) consists of the officers and employees appointed to serve in the Legislative Council. The department is neither an agency or instrumentality of the Crown nor a body corporate. Its existence is given statutory recognition, eg, Parliamentary and Electorate Staff (Employment) Act 1992. The department is divided into four administrative units, viz, Office of the President, Office of the Clerk, Procedure Office, and Committee Office. The department provides procedural, administrative and ancillary services to members of the Legislative Council acting in their parliamentary capacities.

Services include -

  • advice and research on parliamentary procedure;

  • administrative and procedural support to committees appointed by the House;

  • preparation of documents for use in the House;

  • publication of the records of the House and its committees; and

  • provision of information on the activities of the House, the Parliament and committees.

The Clerk and Table Officers of the Legislative Council

The Clerk of the Legislative Council is the House’s principal adviser on parliamentary law, practice and procedure. As “Head of Department” the Clerk is responsible to the President for the proper management and functioning of the department. “Table Officers” or “Clerks at the Table” describe the officers of the House who share the performance of the Clerk’s functions in the House. There are four Table officers in the Council viz, the Clerk, the Deputy Clerk, and two Clerk Assistants.

The Procedure Office

The Legislative Council Procedure Office provides services intended to assist members in their preparation for, and during, a sitting of the House. These services include -

  • supply of Bills, Acts, subsidiary legislation (regulations, rules, etc) tabled papers, reports;

  • supply of Notice Papers, Minutes of Proceedings, Supplementary Notice Papers (amendments to Bills);

  • processing of petitions; and

  • the provision of information and documents relating to the business of the House.

The Committee Office

The Committee Office provides advisory/research and administrative services to all Council committees. The Office is administered by an Executive Officer. A Clerk Assistant has an overall responsibility for committee services provided by the department.