Department of the Legislative Assembly

Role of the Department

The principal role of the Department of the Legislative Assembly is to provide procedural, administrative and support services to assist members of the Legislative Assembly in performing their parliamentary duties. Services include -

  • advice and research on parliamentary procedure;

  • administrative and procedural support to committees appointed by the House;

  • preparation of documents for use in the House;

  • publication of the records of the House and its committees; and

  • provision of information on the activities of the House, the Parliament and committees to: Government departments/agencies, community and special interest groups and the general public.

Role of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly

The Clerk of the Legislative Assembly is the principal advisor on parliamentary procedure and privilege to the Speaker and members of the Legislative Assembly. Administratively, the Clerk is the departmental head of the Legislative Assembly.

Procedural Advice

The Clerk, Deputy Clerk and Clerk Assistants provide advice to members on Legislative Assembly procedure and practice. They also draft motions and minor amendments to Bills.


Parliamentary officers copy and distribute all relevant information for members in the Chamber.

Legislative Assembly Office

The Legislative Assembly Office provides a range of services to support the operations of the House and assist members in the performance of their parliamentary duties. These services include –

  • supply of Bills, explanatory memorandums, Acts, tabled papers, reports and regulations;

  • supply of Notice Papers, Votes and Proceedings, and other documents;

  • copies of ministers’ second reading speeches;

  • provision of information on the activities of the House; and

  • provision of information on parliamentary committees and their membership.

Documents and Forms

The Legislative Assembly office publishes various papers which provide information on the business and proceedings of the House. Whilst these papers are all available in hard copy many of these documents are available electronically on this site.