Parliamentary Services Department

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The role of the Parliamentary Services Department is to provide high-quality administrative and business support services and resources to the Presiding Officers, members of Parliament and the Chamber departments in the areas of -

Member and Operational Support


Building Services

  • looking after accommodation and repairs to and maintenance of Parliament House and its annexes,
  • caring for the gardens and the grounds of Parliament House,
  • providing cycle sheds and parking areas for members, staff and visitors,
  • providing fitness facilities for members and staff;



  • providing  food  and  beverage  services,  including  the  Members’ Dining Room, lounges, staff canteen, and function catering;


Human Resources

  • providing advice to management and staff in all areas of human resources;


Security and Reception Services

  • ensuring the security of members and staff while on parliamentary premises, and of parliamentary buildings, property and assets,
  • providing reception, telephone switchboard and paging services.


Parliamentary Information and Education



  • providing education services for  the  promotion, enhancement, awareness, knowledge and understanding of the history, role and functions of the Parliament of Western Australia;


Information Technology

  • providing information technology support to the Parliament;



  • providing library, information and media monitoring services to the Parliament, staff and members’ research staff;


Reporting Services

  • providing reporting, editing and publishing services for the Parliament,
  • televising proceedings in the chambers for in-house viewing and for supply to the media.


Parliamentary Finance and Governance

  • Providing financial and management accounting services, including members’ and staff payroll.


Executive Manager - Key Responsibilities

The Executive Manager, Parliamentary Services is the department’s chief executive officer and is responsible for providing overall management and leadership of the Parliamentary Services Department’s diverse range of staff.