Mr Nigel Pratt

Mr Nigel Pratt

Clerk of the Legislative Council and Clerk of the Parliaments





The role of the Clerk


The Clerk of the Legislative Council, is responsible for providing expert advice on parliamentary law, practice and procedure to the President, Chair of Committees, Ministers and Members of the Council and its Committees.


The Clerk of the Legislative Council is also the Clerk of the Parliaments and is responsible for the preparation and presentation of Bill to Her Excellency the Governor for Assent.


The Clerk is responsible to the President for the administration of the Department of the Legislative Council. The Clerk works collaboratively with the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly and the Executive Manager of Parliamentary Services in relation to the administration of matters relating to the Western Australian Parliament.


The Clerk is appointed by the Governor with the advice of the President of the Legislative Council and is only removable by a vote of the House, pursuant to section 35 of the Constitution Act 1889.