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Parliament House

Community groups are welcome to book tours of Parliament House. Tours can be arranged for any weekday, however, the format will vary depending on whether or not Parliament is sitting at the time of the tour.

Getting to Parliament House

Public Transport
The free Cat Bus service is available to and from Parliament. The Red Cat travels to Parliament House along Hay Street and the Green Cat travels along St Georges Terrace to Malcolm Street.

Returning buses can be picked up from Malcolm Street for the Green Cat bus and Murray Street for the Red Cat bus.

Bus Access
There are no bus layover areas at Parliament House and no bus parking available around Parliament House. The closest bus parking and layover area is adjacent to the Constitutional Centre on the corner of Havelock St and Parliament Place (5 minute walk to Parliament House).

Groups with special access requirements should contact Parliament House on 9222 7222 or, for educational tour groups, the Parliamentary Education Office on 9222 7259 ahead of their visit to discuss arrangements.

Group Tour numbers
The minimum number of participants in a Community Group Tour is 10 and the maximum number of 25, although more than one tour can be booked if the number exceeds 25 persons

Meeting with your local member
Community groups wishing to meet their local Member of Parliament while visiting Parliament House will need to contact the local Member’s Electorate Office to determine availability.

Types of Tours

Touring when Parliament is not sitting

When Parliament is not sitting this provides tour participants with an opportunity to understand how the parliamentary process works by going onto the chamber floor of both the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly to listen to the tour guide explain the business process.

Duration 1 hour

Touring when Parliament is Sitting

A tour of Parliament House when Parliament is sitting gives participants an opportunity to view Parliament at work from the public gallery of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly. Sitting Calendar

Duration: 1 hour

Special Tours

Talk and Tour

Talk and Tours are special tours for community groups interested in learning more about the Western Australian Parliament and its history. The program involves a 30 minute talk followed by a light morning/afternoon tea and a tour of Parliament House, providing insight into different aspects of the building and its history. There is a small cost of $5 per person to cover the cost of the morning/afternoon tea. This money will need to be collected from the group and paid at Parliaments Reception Services (located in the foyer) prior to the tour commencing.

Group size is limited to 15 - 20 participants.

Phone: (08)92227259

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