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The table includes all bills introduced in the 40th Parliament, which was established on 11 May 2017.

Progress of Bills Currently before Parliament - 40th Parliament 1st Session

These bills are currently being considered by Parliament.

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Bill NameBill No.1st Read2nd Read Hansard2nd Read AgreedConsid DetailAmend3rd Read1st Read2nd Read Hansard2nd Read AgreedCommAmend3rd Read
Administration Amendment Bill 20187727/6/1827/6/18 p. 3995a3/4/193/4/193/4/193/4/193/4/19 p. 1941b
Appropriation (Capital 2010-11 to 2015-16) Supplementary Bill 20173113/9/1713/9/17 p. 3939c30/11/1730/11/175/12/175/12/17 p. 6467d
Appropriation (Capital 2016-17) Supplementary Bill 20175429/11/1729/11/17 p. 6268c28/6/1814/8/1814/8/18 p. 4285c
Appropriation (Capital 2017-18) Supplementary Bill 201810531/10/1831/10/18 p. 7548c
Appropriation (Capital 2019-20) Bill 20191259/5/199/5/19 p. 3113b16/5/19
Appropriation (Recurrent 2010-11 to 2015-16) Supplementary Bill 20173013/9/1713/9/17 p. 3939b30/11/1730/11/175/12/175/12/17 p. 6467c
Appropriation (Recurrent 2016-17) Supplementary Bill 20175529/11/1729/11/17 p. 6268b28/6/1828/6/1814/8/1814/8/18 p. 4285b
Appropriation (Recurrent 2017-18) Supplementary Bill 201810431/10/1831/10/18 p. 7548b
Appropriation (Recurrent 2019-20) Bill 20191269/5/199/5/19 p. 3106c16/5/19
Bail Amendment (Persons Linked to Terrorism) Bill 201811228/11/1828/11/18 p. 8803c19/2/1919/2/1919/2/1920/2/1920/2/19 p. 599b19/3/1919/3/192/4/192/4/19
Betting Control Amendment (Taxing) Bill 201912915/5/1915/5/19 p. 3371a
Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment (Change of Name) Bill 20188715/8/1815/8/18 p. 4592b27/11/1827/11/1827/11/185/12/185/12/18 p. 9186a
Building and Construction Industry Training Fund and Levy Collection Amendment Bill 201729 6/9/176/9/17 p. 3380a
Consumer Protection Legislation Amendment Bill 20189610/10/1810/10/18 p. 6778c29/11/1812/3/1912/3/1920/3/1921/3/1921/3/19 p. 1678a
Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Amendment Bill 20174118/10/1718/10/17 p. 4853b23/11/1723/11/1723/11/1728/11/1728/11/17 p. 6071b20/2/1920/2/19
Criminal Appeals Amendment Bill 201910320/2/1920/2/19 p. 610b
Criminal Code Amendment (Child Marriage) Bill 201810931/10/1831/10/18 p. 7547e28/11/1828/11/184/12/184/12/18 p. 9115a
Criminal Code Amendment (Desecration of War Memorials) Bill 2018 107 1/11/181/11/18 p. 7632d
Criminal Code Amendment (Industrial Manslaughter) Bill 201711 15/6/1715/6/17 p. 942b
Criminal Procedure Amendment (Trial by Judge Alone) Bill 201743 7/12/177/12/17 p. 6668c
Electoral Amendment (Access to Ministers) Bill 201727 7/9/177/9/17 p. 3495d
Electoral Amendment (Ticket Voting and Associated Reforms) Bill 2019121 21/3/1921/3/19 p. 1620d
Environmental Protection Amendment (Banning Plastic Bags and Other Things) Bill 201812 29/3/1829/3/18 p. 1414e
Environmental Protection Amendment (Clearing for Fire Risk Reduction) Bill 201749 7/12/177/12/17 p. 6670b
Equal Opportunity (LGBTIQ Anti-Discrimination) Amendment Bill 201884 28/6/1828/6/18 p. 4065b
Fair Trading Amendment Bill 2018752/4/192/4/19 p. 1850a27/6/1827/6/18 p. 3903a21/3/1921/3/1921/3/1921/3/19
Fair Trading Amendment Bill 2019122 3/4/193/4/19 p. 1928c
Human Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy Legislation Amendment Bill 20188823/8/1823/8/18 p. 5283b9/10/189/10/1810/10/1810/10/18 p. 6770b
Industrial Relations (Equal Remuneration) Amendment Bill 201862 29/3/1829/3/18 p. 1415b
Infrastructure Western Australia Bill 201911820/2/1920/2/19 p. 608b10/4/1910/4/197/5/197/5/198/5/198/5/19 p. 2905a
Legal Profession Amendment (Professional Indemnity Insurance Management Committee) Bill 201810217/10/1817/10/18 p. 7159c27/11/1827/11/184/12/184/12/18 p. 9110a
Legislation Bill 20187827/6/1827/6/18 p. 3997a30/10/1830/10/1830/10/1831/10/1831/10/18 p. 7529b
Litter Amendment (Balloons) Bill 201865 29/3/1829/3/18 p. 1417b
Local Government Legislation Amendment Bill 201911914/3/1914/3/19 p. 1310d9/4/199/4/1910/4/1911/4/1911/4/19 p. 2530b
Major Events (Ticket Scalping) Bill 20189719/9/1819/9/18 p. 6292b
Metropolitan Region Scheme (Beeliar Wetlands) Bill 20181087/11/187/11/18 p. 7929d
Mining Amendment (Procedures and Validation) Bill 2018Green Bill
Mining Amendment (Procedures and Validation) Bill 20188328/11/1828/11/18 p. 8805b
Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill 201892 16/8/1816/8/18 p. 4676d
Parliamentary Budget Officer Bill 201810631/10/18 p. 7580b
Pay-roll Tax Assessment Amendment Bill 20191233/4/193/4/19 p. 1951d7/5/197/5/197/5/197/5/197/5/19 p. 2671c
Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resources Amendment (Veto Powers) Bill 201748 17/5/1817/5/18 p. 2951c
Pilbara Port Assets (Disposal) Repeal Bill 20177 15/6/1715/6/17 p. 941d
Police Amendment (Medical Retirement) Bill 20191248/5/198/5/19 p. 2915c
Prevention of Forced Closure of Remote Aboriginal Communities Bill 20179 15/6/1715/6/17 p. 943b
Public and Health Sector Legislation Amendment (Right of Return) Bill 20188615/8/1815/8/18 p. 4617c11/9/1811/9/1811/9/1812/9/1812/9/18 p. 5660c6/12/186/12/18
Public Health Amendment (Immunisation Requirements for Enrolment) Bill 2019127 8/5/198/5/19 p. 2893a
Residential Parks (Long-stay Tenants) Amendment Bill 20189917/10/1817/10/18 p. 7160b22/11/1822/11/1822/11/1827/11/1827/11/18 p. 8671b
Revenue Laws Amendment Bill 201811329/11/1829/11/18 p. 8960c3/4/193/4/193/4/194/4/194/4/194/4/19 p. 2067a7/5/197/5/19
Road Traffic Amendment (Blood Alcohol Content) Bill 201911719/2/1919/2/19 p. 510c19/3/1920/3/1920/3/1921/3/1921/3/19 p. 1677b
TAB (Disposal) Bill 201912815/5/1915/5/19 p. 3366e
Taxation Administration Amendment Bill 201811429/11/1829/11/18 p. 8962b3/4/193/4/194/4/194/4/19 p. 2066b7/5/197/5/19
Ticket Scalping Bill 201811028/11/1828/11/18 p. 8805a
Transfer of Land Amendment Bill 201811121/11/1821/11/18 p. 8369c
Wittenoom Closure Bill 201912021/3/1921/3/19 p. 1706c