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Art in Parliament

Parliament House has an extensive art collection of contemporary and historical importance. Focused on Western Australian artists and incorporating significant public figures, Indigenous story and culture, our evolving landscape, and endemic flora and fauna, the collection represents who we are as a state and how we have evolved over time.

Parliament of Western Australia Art Collection

The collection is displayed in the corridors, rooms and offices at Parliament House

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Browse the Collection by Title

'A Prominent Landmark on the main Nyabing-Pingrup Road' by Melvena G. Russ
'A Typical Chittering Scene' by Allon Cook
'All Saints Church, Upper Swan' by Robert Campbell
'An Early Meeting of the Legislative Council' by Owen Garde OAM
'Apex Drive, Albany' by Maurice Kennedy
'April Day, Serpentine Dam' by Ira Forbes Kentish
'Avon Valley' by Peter Rohan
'Bannister Valley' by Phyllis John
'Bend of the River, Belmont' by Peter Rohan
'Birthsite of Lord Forrest' by Leith Angelo
'Black Footed Wallaby' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Blackwood River & Pioneer Monument Scene from the War Memorial, Augusta' by Melvena G. Russ
'Blue Hole Purnululu' by Maretta Bray
'Boab Prison Tree' by Vlase Zanalis
'Boodja' by Peter Farmer (artwork) /Kim Fitzpatrick (glasswork)
'Bronze State Crest ' by Jean Jacques Kurandy
'Bruce Rock' by Robin E A McDonald
'Bullfrog' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Canola at Av-a-Rest, Dinninup' by Meriol Beatty
'Caress of Autumn Sunlight' by Doris Remoto
'Cattle Chosen' by Leith Angelo
'Caught in the Light, 2000' by Yvette Watt
'Central Netted Dragon' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Cocky Boy' by Madigan Thomas
'Coral Gardens' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Cunderdin Townsite from Cunderdin Hill' by Allon Cook
'C.Y. O'Connor, CMG' by Owen Garde OAM
'Donnybrook Blossoms' by Elaine Pizzino
'Dowerin Shire Council Offices' by Peter Rohan
'Dumbleyung Lake from Nippering Hill' by Peter Rohan
'Dusky Day' by Sheila Benford
'Eaglestone Caves, Lake Brown' by Doris Remoto
'Edward Millen House' by Zelma Rogers
'Elphin, Wongan Hills' by Barbara King
'Entrance to Tambellerup' by Pat Newing
'Eucalyptus Torquata' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Fairlawn' by Leith Angelo
'Farmland Fortress' by Doris Remoto
'Farmland, Fitzgerald River National Park' by Christobel Bennett
'First Floor Colonnade' by Simona Milea
'Floral Embroidery, 175th Anniversary' by Country Women's Association
'Flynn's Inland Mission Hospital' by Fran Coad
'Fonty's Pool' by Jennie Pember
'Forest Floor' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Forrest Foyer' by Simona Milea
'Fremantle, 1964' by Frank Norton
'Freshwater Bay, Claremont' by Romola Clifton (Morrow)
'Freshwater Bay, Peppermint Grove' by W. Boissevain
'Fringe of the Farmlands' by Doris Remoto
'Gallop House' by Romola Morrow
'Garnkiny Ngarrangkarni (Moon Dreaming)' by Mabel Juli
'Gascoyne Crossing at Gascoyne Junction' by Vlase Zanalis
'Geraldton' by Elizabeth Durack
'Gingin Brook' by Mary A. Harper
'Green Turtle' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Halcyon Days at Rockingham' by Allon Cook
'Hay Time at Gosnells' by John Tribe
'Hebe Deep Mine' by Barry Loftus
'Holiday Time' by Allan Baker
'Honey Ants' by Aaron Hayden
'Honey Possum' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Hon. Clive Griffiths, AO' by Andrew Daly
'Hon. Sir James Lee-Steere KCMG - Bust and Marble Stand' by P.C. Porcelli
'Hon. Sir John Forrest Bust & Jarrah Pedestal' by P.C. Porcelli
'Hyleoides Zonalis' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Identity 14, 2001' by Joanna Lamb
'Identity 17, 2001' by Joanna Lamb
'Identity 19, 2001' by Joanna Lamb
'In the Bickley Valley Kalamunda' by Vlase Zanalis
'Inlet Park' by Leith Angelo
'Into the Distance' by Sheila Benford
'Jim Crowe Dredge' by Ivor Hunt
'Josie Farrer' by Christopher Bailey
'Jury's Salt Lake' by Deborah Badger
'Karriny Karriny' by Daisy Andrews
'Katanning Pastures' by Ailsa Beeck
'Keller Landscape' by Val Curtis
'Koolonooka Hills' by Michael Vandeleur
'Lake Gnangara, Wanneroo' by W. Boissevain
'Lake Norring' by Vlase Zanalis
'Last Night' by Jan Neil
'Leaf Series 1' by Holly Grace
'Leaf Series 2' by Holly Grace
'Leaning Trees at Greenough' by M Tetlow
'Lee Steere Foyer 1964 - Photo B & W'
'Legislative Assembly Division Timer' by N/A
'Leonora' by J. Sztermula
'Librarian Reading' by Simona Milea
'Life-Intensity - Pilbara Kinetic Series 2000' by Pippin Drysdale
'Lockeville' by Leith Angelo
'Lolly Creed Stock Camp' by Beerbee Mungari
'London Bridge, Sandstone' by Frank Pash
'Looking South over Quairading' by Margaret Shenton
'Lungarung' by Weaver Jack (c1928 - 2010)
'Mangles Kangaroo Paw' by Ailsa Small
'Marling Homestead' by Ivor Hunt
'Marshall Hill' by Doris Remoto
'Mason's Landing' by Ferruccio Berghich
'Members' Dining Room Corridor' by Simona Milea
'Might be a bit of rain about' by Kathy Donnelly
'Milyirrtjarra' by Myra Lawson (Tjularta)
'Mitchell's Cottage, Bunbury' by Leith Angelo
'Moonlight over Mollerin Lake' by Doris Remoto
'Morning South of Wyalkatchem' by Joan C. Blakiston
'Mrs. Edith Dircksey Cowan' by Portia Geach
'Mr. Laurie Sinclair & Horse, Norseman' by A.E. Baesjou
'Murchison Station Country' by E. M. Barnetson
'Mustering' by Gordon Holdsworth
'Nature's Blessing' by Peter Rohan
'New Norcia' by Allon Cook
'Ngaanyatjarra Glass Panels (Innominate) ' by Fred Ward
'No 1 Well, Canning Stock Route' by Peter Rohan
'Octagon Church, 1835' by Leach Barker
'Old and New in the Yilgarn' by L. Blyth
'Old Denham Hotel' by Michael Vandeleur
'Old Government House, Rottnest Island' by Robert Campbell
'Old Mundijong Homestead' by Henry McLaughlin
'Old Picton Church' by Leith Angelo
'Old Rotunda in Austin Street, Cue' by Doris McCarley
'Old State Battery, Yalgoo' by Ailsa Small
'Pakistan Series - 2000 "Jeevan"' by Pippin Drysdale
'Park Bungalow' by James Goatcher
'Parliament House Courtyard' by Simona Milea
'Parliament House from Parliament Place' by Simona Milea
'Parliament House Perth - East Elevation' by Simona Milea
'Parliament House Perth - North West Elevation' by Simona Milea
'Pastures Near Albany' by Leach Barker
'Peace and Plenty' by Wanda J. Moulden
'Perry Lakes Autumn' by J. Hall
'Perth 1976 from Maylands' by Peter Rohan
'Pittosporum' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Puntujalpa' by Theresa Nowee
'Quindalup House - Original' by Leith Angelo
'Rainbow Bee Eater' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Red Gorge, Wittenoom' by Frank Norton
'Reflections' by Rex Knight
'River Valley Roelands, Harvey' by Frank Norton
'Riverside, East Fremantle' by Alex Matier
'Royal Robe' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Rural Scene' by J. C. Stinson
'Sandilands' by Leith Angelo
'Scrub Fire' by W. Boissevain
'Seasonal Hunters' by Tjyllyungoo Lance Chadd
'Second Floor Colonnade' by Simona Milea
'Shenton Park Lake' by Frank Pash
'Shield of Voices' by Dr Penelope Forlano
'Song Lines and Dreaming Trails' by Tjyllyungoo Lance Chadd
'Spider' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Spring Hill' by Leith Angelo
'St John's Church of England' by Joan C. Blakiston
'St Mary's, Busselton' by Leith Angelo
'St Mary's, Busselton' by M. Christian
'Stirling Range' by Peter Rohan
'Strawberry Hill' by Leach Barker
'Success Hill' by Ailsa Small
'Sunlit Escarpment' by Jan Neil
'Surf Scene, West Beach' by Christobel Bennett
'Surface to Air I' by Jeremy Kirwan-Ward
'Surface to Air II' by Jeremy Kirwan-Ward
'Surface to Air III' by Jeremy Kirwan-Ward
'Tallering Peak, Mullewa' by Ailsa Small
'The 1829 Foundation of Perth Site in 1979' by Country Women's Association
'The Approach to Tammin' by Val Curtis
'The Artist's Picnic, 2001' by Tania Ferrier
'The Barracks' by Leach Barker
'The Bobtail' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'The Early Morning Mist' by Marlene Harold
'The Fascine, Carnarvon' by Peter Rohan
'The Foundation Of Perth, August 12 1829' by Country Women's Association
'The Lakes' by Allon Cook
'The Old Mill' by Allon Cook
'The Parmelia' by Frank Pash
'The Plight of Indigenous People' by Leon Pericles
'The Ring of Grass Trees' by Robert Juniper
'The Rockingham's Last Voyage' by Henry McLaughlin
'The Swan Valley' by Allon Cook
'The Valley Below' by M. Tetlow
'Trees' by W. Boissevain
'Turquoise Bay 1' by Cameron Langridge
'Turquoise Bay 2' by Cameron Langridge
'Turquoise Bay 3' by Cameron Langridge
'Twining Fringed Lily Banksia' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Under the Bridges' by Prue McAllister
'Untitled Oil Painting' by R. Crooke
'Upper Reaches Blackwood River' by Gordon Holdsworth
'Upton House, Australind' by Leith Angelo
'Vicky Umbulgari & Camera Pool Rock Paintings' by Vlase Zanalis
'View from Kings Park' by Ailsa Small
'Wandering Panorama' by S. Threlfall
'Wanderrie, Coorow' by Lesley T Williams
'Warburton Mulgas' by Gemma O'Keefe
'Western Swamp Tortoise' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'What They Don't Know Won't Hurt Them' by Shaun Atkinson
'White Dam Site' by D. Treasure
'Wildflower' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Wilson's Inlet, Poison Point' by Peter Rohan
'Winpa' by Daniel Walbidi
'Winter in Bivogni' by Elio Furina
'Wireless Hill, Alfred Cove' by Peter Rohan
'Wirriyilbem ' by Peggy Griffiths
'Wonnerup House' by Leith Angelo
'Woylie' by Philippa Nikulinsky
'Yathla' by W. Boissevain
'Yoorlooloo' by Mignonette Jamin
'Yorkrakine Rock' by C. A. Gardner