Pay-roll Tax Amendment (Debt and Deficit Remediation) Bill 2017

Bill No.36

SynopsisThe purpose of this bill is to amend the Pay-roll Tax Act 2002 to temporarily introduce a progressive payroll tax scale in Western Australia for five years from 1 July 2018.

StatusAssented to 12/13/2017
Royal Assent given 13 Dec 2017 as Act No. 19 of 2017. For details refer to the Commencement Clause of the Bill (see also Assent and Commencement information for Acts)

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Legislative Assembly DateNote No.Related Documents
Introduced 10/12/2017  
First Reading 10/12/2017  
Second Reading 10/12/2017  
Second Reading Speech   
Second Reading Agreed 11/02/2017  
Consideration in Detail 11/07/2017  
Third Reading 11/07/2017  

Legislative Council DateNote No.Related Documents
Introduced 11/07/2017  
First Reading 11/07/2017  
Second Reading 11/07/2017  
Second Reading Speech   
Second Reading Agreed 12/07/2017  
Committee of the whole 12/07/2017  
Third Reading 12/07/2017  

Principal bill debated cognately with the Pay-roll Tax Assessment Amendment (Debt and Deficit Remediation) Bill 2017.