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Proceedings Details

Proceedings Name:

Letter regarding "Educate Australia Fair"

Commencement Date:

29 Jun 2017

End Date:

14 Aug 2017

Proceedings Status:


Committee Name:

Education and Health Standing Committee


Legislative Assembly

Members Conducting Inquiry:


Ms Janine Marie Freeman MLA
Hon. William (Bill) Richard Marmion MLA
Ms Josephine (Josie) Farrer MLA
Mr Ronald (Shane) Shane Love MLA
Ms Sabine Elisabeth Winton MLA

Staff Members:

Dr Sarah Palmer (Principal Research Officer)
Ms Jovita Hogan, BA (Hons). (Research Officer)

Contact Details

Phone Number:

08 9222 7486

Fax Number:

08 9222 7804

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• Letter received from the Department of Education regarding the release of the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre (BCEC) report "Educate Australia Fair? Education Inequality in Australia", providing commentary on the report's conclusions and findings.