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Proceedings Details

Proceedings Name:

Oral Health Hearings

Commencement Date:


Proceedings Status:


Committee Name:

Education and Health Standing Committee


Legislative Assembly

Members Conducting Inquiry:


Ms Janine Marie Freeman MLA
Hon. William (Bill) Richard Marmion MLA
Ms Josephine (Josie) Farrer MLA
Mr Ronald (Shane) Shane Love MLA
Ms Sabine Elisabeth Winton MLA

Staff Members:

Dr Sarah Palmer (Principal Research Officer)
Ms Jovita Hogan, BA (Hons). (Research Officer)

Contact Details

Phone Number:

08 9222 7486

Fax Number:

08 9222 7804

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Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Assembly Committee Rooms, Level 1/11 Harvest Tce, West Perth

Hearing Dates:






Broadcasted In

05/09/201809:45 AMFluoride Free WA Inc Mr Andrew Parry (President), Mr John Watt (Vice-President)
05/09/201810:30 AMDepartment of HealthDr Richard Lugg, Mr Martin Glick

Related Transcripts of Evidences:
• Evidence by Mr Andrew Parry (President, Fluoride Free Western Australia Inc), Mr John Watt (Vice President, Fluoride Free Western Australia Inc) on 09/05/2018
• Evidence by Dr Richard Lugg (Environmental Health Consultant, representing the Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Advisory Committee, Department of Health), Mr Martin Glick (Manager, Central Clinical and Support Services - Dental Health Services, Department of Health) on 09/05/2018
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