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Inquiry Name:

Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2017

Date Commenced:03/21/2018
Tabling Date:06/12/2018
Inquiry Status:Current

Committee Name:

Legislation Committee

House:Legislative Council

Members Conducting Inquiry
Members:Hon. Dr Sally Elizabeth Talbot MLC
Hon. Nicolas (Nick) Pierre Goiran MLC
Hon. Pierre Shuai Yang MLC
Hon. Simon O'Brien MLC
Hon. Colin Stephen de Grussa MLC

Substitute Members:

Hon. James (Jim) Edward Chown MLCsubstitute forHon. Nicolas (Nick) Pierre Goiran MLC

Staff Members: Mr Stephen Brockway (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Mr Mark Warner (Committee Clerk)

Contact Details

Phone No:08 9222 7410
Fax No:08 9222 7805
Postal Address:
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Terms of Reference:On 21 March 2018 the Legislative Council referred the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2017 to the Standing Committee on Legislation for Inquiry and Report by 12 June 2018. The Committee has the power to inquire into and report on the policy of the Bill.

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