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Inquiry Name:

Inquiry into the Form and Content of the Statute Book

Date Commenced:04 Dec 2017
Inquiry Status:Current

Committee Name:

Uniform Legislation and Statutes Review Committee

House:Legislative Council

Members Conducting Inquiry
Members:Hon. Michael Mischin MLC
Hon. Pierre Shuai Yang MLC
Hon. Laurie William Graham MLC
Hon. Robin David Scott MLC

Staff Members: Ms Felicity Mackie, LLB (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Ms Tracey Sharpe (Committee Clerk)

Contact Details

Phone No:08 9222 7400
Fax No:08 9222 7805
Postal Address:
Email: Click here to send an email to this Committee

Terms of Reference:On 4 December 2017 at a regularly constituted meeting the Committee resolved to 'review the form and content of the statute book' to identify enactments that are obsolete, exhausted, expired or as yet unproclaimed with a view to having them removed from the statute book.

Important Information

Legislative Council Guide to Making Submissions to a Parliamentary Committee


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