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Estimates and Financial Operations Committee - Legislative Council


Report #TitleDate TabledRelated Documents
Special Report Special Report on a Matter of Privilege20/03/2007
Report 75 Corrections to Report 73: 2017-18 Budget Cycle - Part 1: Estimates hearing and related matters16/08/2018
Report 74 2016-17 Annual Report hearings10/05/2018
Report 73 2017-18 Budget Cycle - Part 1: Estimates hearings and related matters08/05/2018More...
Report 72 2016-17 Annual Report Hearings09/11/2017
Report 71 2017-18 Budget Estimates Hearings23/08/2017
Report 70 Annual Report Hearings 2015-1617/11/2016
Report 69 2015-16 Annual Report Hearings - Schedule of Hearings06/10/2016
Report 68 2015-16 Annual Report Hearings - Revised Timetable21/09/2016
Report 67 Budget Estimates Hearings 2016-1715/09/2016More...
Report 66 Cancellation of Hearings14/09/2016
Report 65 Agency Annual Report Hearings 2014-1525/08/2016
Report 64 2015-16 Annual Report Hearings - Timetable24/08/2016
Report 63 Budget Estimates Hearings 2015-1619/05/2016More...
Report 62 Provision of Information to the Parliament19/05/2016More...
Report 61 2016-17 Budget Estimates Hearings - Sitting Schedule16/03/2016
Report 60 Agency Annual Report Hearings 2013-1403/12/2015
Report 59 Budget Estimates Hearings 2014-1503/12/2015
Report 58 Agency Annual Report Hearings 2012-1303/12/2015
Report 57 Budget Estimates Hearings 2013-1403/12/2015
Report 56 2014-15 Annual Report Hearing Revised Timetable01/12/2015
Report 55 2014-15 Annual Report Hearings - Timetable22/10/2015
Report 54 2014 - 15 Annual Report Hearings: Sitting Schedule17/09/2015
Report 53 2015/16 Budget Estimates Hearings - Sitting Schedule19/05/2015
Report 52 2015/16 Budget Estimates Hearings - Sitting Schedule25/03/2015
Report 51 2013/14 Agency Annual Report Hearings - December Timetable20/11/2014
Report 50 2013/14 Agency Annual Report Hearings - November Timetable21/10/2014
Report 49 Procedure for 2013/14 Annual Report Hearings25/09/2014
Report 48 Inquiry into the Provision of Information to Parliament - Amended Terms of Reference26/06/2014
Report 47 2014/15 Budget Estimates Hearings - July and August Timetable26/06/2014
Report 46 2014/15 Budget Estimates Hearings - July timetable19/06/2014
Report 45 2014/15 Estimates Hearings - Sitting Schedule15/05/2014
Report 44 Inquiry into the Provision of Information to Parliament - Terms of Reference10/04/2014
Report 43 2013/14 Estimates Hearings – Sitting Schedule Amended12/09/2013
Report 42 2013/14 Estimates Hearings - Sitting Schedule15/08/2013
Report 41 Inquiry into Western Power's Evidence: An Informed Debate?30/11/2012
Report 40 Inquiry into Peel Health Campus Payments Reports30/11/2012
Report 39 The Government's Efficiency Dividend and the 2012/13 Budget28/11/2012
Report 38 Activity Report for the period 1 January 2011 to 30 June 201227/11/2012
Report 37 Report in relation to a possible contempt regarding summonses to produce documents issued pursuant to section 5 of the Parliamentary Privileges Act 189127/11/2012
Report 36 2011/12 Annual Report Hearings – Comments Regarding The Police Commissioner’s Evidence07/11/2012
Report 35 Inquiry into Western Australian Tourism Commission's Involvement in Major Tourism Events01/12/2011More...
Report 34 Interim Report of the Inquiry into the Western Australian Tourism Commission’s Involvement in Major Tourism Events: Request for A Member of the Legislative Assembly to Appear before the Committee12/04/2011
Report 33 Annual Report for the year ending 31 December 201009/08/2011
Report 32 Report on the Budget of the Office of the Auditor General and Review of Auditor General's Audit Results Report - Annual 2009/10 Assurance Audits09/08/2011
Report 31 Report on the 2008/2009 Agency Annual Reports: Request for A Member of the Legislative Assembly to Appear before the Committee18/11/2010
Report 30 Agency Annual Reports 2008/0919/08/2010
Report 29 Budget Estimates 2009/1019/08/2010
Report 28 Annual Hearings in Relation to the Budget Estimates 2010/1119/08/2010
Report 27 The Removal of Senior School Allocation Funding for Year 11 and 12 Courses at 21 District High Schools01/07/2010More...
Report 26 The Confidential Status of the State Development Agreement Oakajee Port and Rail01/04/2010
Report 25 Budget of the Office of the Auditor General01/04/2010
Report 24 Annual Report 200901/04/2010
Report 23 Annual Hearings in Relation to the Budget Estimates 2009/1008/09/2009
Report 22 Budget Estimates 2008/0913/08/2009
Report 21 Report on the Inquiry into Public Sector Expenditure19/05/2009More...
Report 20 "Royalties for Regions" Policy13/05/2009More...
Report 19 Follow-up to Report 12 Balga Works Program07/05/2009More...
Report 18 Budget of the Office of the Auditor General07/05/2009More...
Report 17 Budget Estimates 2007/0809/04/2009
Report 16 Interim Report on the Public Sector Expenditure Inquiry: Request for Member of the Legislative Assembly to Appear before the Committee07/04/2009
Report 15 Annual Report 200819/03/2009
Report 14 Annual Hearings in Relation to the Budget Estimates 2008/0909/12/2008
Report 13 Annual Report 200726/06/2008
Report 12 Balga Works Program29/05/2008More...
Report 11 Budget of the Office of the Auditor General20/02/2008More...
Report 10 Annual Hearings in Relation to the Budget Estimates 2007/0827/09/2007
Interim Report 9 Interim Report on the Balga Works Inquiry: Request for a Member of the Legislative Assembly to Appear Before the Committee18/09/2007
Report 8 Budget Estimates 2006/0716/08/2007
Report 7 Annual Report 200629/05/2007
Report 6 Financial Management Bill 2006, Financial Legislation Amendment and Repeal Bill 2006 and Auditor General Bill 200621/11/2006
Report 5 Hearings in Relation to the Annual Budget Estimates 2006/0729/08/2006
Report 4 Budget Estimates 2005/0629/08/2006
Report 3 Energy Safety Bill 2005 and Energy Safety Levy Bill 200510/05/2006
Report 2 Annual Report 200501/12/2005
Report 1 Legislative Council Financial Processes and Procedures20/10/2005

Chair: Hon. Alanna Therese Clohesy MLC
Deputy Chair:Hon. Tjorn Dirk Sibma MLC
Members: Hon. Diane Marie Evers MLC
Hon. Colin Richard Tincknell MLC
Hon. Aaron Stonehouse MLC

Staff:Mr Andrew Hawkes (Advisory Officer)
Ms Anne Turner, B.Juris LLB (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Ms Tracey Sharpe (Committee Clerk)
Ms Samantha Parsons (Committee Clerk)

Contact Details

Phone Number:08 9222 7400
Fax Number:08 9222 7805
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Postal Address

Ms Tracey Sharpe
Committee Clerk
Standing Committee on Estimates and Financial Operations
Parliament House, 4 Harvest Terrace
West Perth WA 6005

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