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Joint Standing Committee on the Corruption and Crime Commission - Joint Committee


Report #TitleDate TabledRelated Documents
Report 10 With extraordinary power; The Corruption and Crime Commission's execution of a search warrant on the Shire of Halls Creek21/03/2019
Report 9 Annual Report 2017-1829/11/2018
Report 8 The More Things Change... Matters arising from the Corruption and Crime Commission's Report on Operation Aviemore: Major Crime Squad Investigation into the Unlawful Killing of Mr Joshua Warneke20/09/2018More...
Report 7 Unfinished business: The Corruption and Crime Commission’s response to the Committee’s report on Dr Cunningham and Ms Atoms30/11/2017
Report 6 Parliamentary Inspector’s report on the issuing of notices by the Corruption and Crime Commission under s 42 of the Corruption, Crime annd Misconduct Act30/11/2017
Report 5 Current Committee Confirmed - Clarifying the legal composition and powers of the Committee19/10/2017
Report 4 Parliamentary Inspector's report on a complaint by Dr Robert Cunningham and Ms Catherine Atoms12/10/2017
Report 3 Annual Report 2016-1714/09/2017
Report 2 The ability of the Corruption and Crime Commission to charge and prosecute14/09/2017More...
Report 1 The efficiency and timeliness of the current appointment process for Commissioners and Parliamentary Inspectors of the CCC14/09/2017More...

Chair: Ms Margaret Mary Quirk MLA
Deputy Chair:Hon. James (Jim) Edward Chown MLC
Members: Hon. Alison Marie Xamon MLC
Mr Matthew Hughes MLA

Staff:Ms Vanessa Beckingham, BA (Hons) (Principal Research Officer)
Ms Lucy Roberts (Research Officer)

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Phone Number:08 9222 7857
Fax Number:
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