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Current Assembly Inquiries

Following are details for current Legislative Assembly inquiries before Parliamentary Committees. Go to the Inquiry pages below for details of the terms of reference, when submissions are due, public hearings, transcripts of hearings and reporting dates (you can also link back to details of the Committee conducting the inquiry) or switch to Past Inquiries.

Inquiry Name



An inquiry into public sector procurement of goods and services and its vulnerability to corrupt practiceJoint Standing Committee on the Corruption and Crime CommissionJoint
An Inquiry into the Monitoring and Enforcing of Child Safe StandardsJoint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Young PeopleJoint
Inquiry into Microgrids and Associated Technologies in WAEconomics and Industry Standing CommitteeLegislative Assembly
Inquiry into public sector contract management practicesPublic Accounts CommitteeLegislative Assembly
Inquiry into Short-Stay AccommodationEconomics and Industry Standing CommitteeLegislative Assembly
Second Review of the Financial Management Act 2006Joint Audit CommitteeJoint