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Members’ biographical register

Mrs Michelle Hopkins Roberts

Principal Honours
Date: 29 February 1960
Place: Perth, Western Australia
Arrival in WA
Daughter of William Power Thomas and Frances Hopkins, business managers
Marriage and Family
Married 18 December 1983, Mercedes Chapel, Victoria Square, Perth to Gregory Joseph Roberts, son of John Matthew and Joan Mary Canny
Children: three daughters
Cause of Death:
Sacred Heart, Point Peron; Highgate and North Inglewood primary schools and Mercedes College
University of Western Australia—BA, Dip Ed
Research officer and teacher
Employment History
School teacher John Curtin Senior High School 1983–1987
Executive Office Parliamentary Services 1987–1989
Senior policy officer, Office of Minister for Local Government 1989–1991
Senior policy and research officer, Department of Occupation Health and Safety Western Australia 1993–1994, Perth 1989
Local Government Service
Councillor City of Perth 1986–1993
Deputy Mayor 1992–1993
Member Town of Vincent Advisory Committee 1994–1995
Delegate International Union of Local Government Authorities Congress Rome 1987, Perth 1989
Joined Australian Labor Party 1978, held various branch positions including secretary and treasurer
Secretary Federal Elected Council Members State Executive 1984–2003, Administration Committee 1987–2003, National Executive 1988–1991 and from 2002, various national policy committees
Senior Vice President WA branch 1997 and 1998–1999, President from 2000
Delegate National Conferences 1988, 1991, 1994, 2002
Date Elected
19 March 1994
Inaugural Speech

Inaugural Video
No inaugural video is available as filming did not start until May 2003
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Valedictory Speech
Year Retired/Resigned
Parliamentary Service
  • MLA Glendalough 19 March 1994 (by-election)–14 December 1996 (seat abolished in redistribution). Elected to the Thirty-Fourth Parliament for Glendalough at the by-election held on 19 March 1994 to fill the vacancy consequent upon the resignation of Dr Carmen Mary Lawrence. Electorate abolished in the redistribution of 1994.
  • MLA Midland from 14 December 1996–present. Elected to the Thirty-Fifth Parliament for Midland (new seat) on 14 December 1996. Re-elected 2001, 2005, 2008, 2013.
  • Contested East Metropolitan Region 6 February 1993

Parliamentary Appointments
  • Manager of Opposition Business 27 January 2012–9 April 2013
  • Parliamentary Secretary to Caucus from 15 January 1997

  • Minister for Police; Road Safety from 17 March 2017
  • Minister for Environment; Disability Services; Deputy Leader of the Legislative Council from 17 March 2017
  • Minister for Police, Emergency Services, Local Government from 16 February 2001, Minister Assisting Minister for Planning and Infrastructure from 8 March 2001–1 July 2001
  • Minister for Police and Emergency Service from 1 July 2002–27 June 2003
  • Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Justice and Community Safety from 27 June 2003–26 February 2005
  • Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Community Safety from 10 March 2005
  • Minister for Housing and Works, Consumer Protection, Heritage, Land Information from 3 February 2006–13 December 2006
  • Minister for Housing and Works, Heritage, Indigenous Affairs, Land Information from 13 December 2006–2 March 2007
  • Minister for Employment Protection, Housing and Works, Indigenous Affairs, Heritage, Land Information from 2 March 2007–6 September 2008
  • Shadow Minister for Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs, Water Resources, Seniors from 18 October 1994–18 March 1996
  • Shadow Minister for Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs, Seniors, Planning and Heritage from 18 March 1996– 14 May 1996
  • Shadow Minister for Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs, Planning, Transport from 14 May 1996–15 January 1997
  • Opposition Leader of House Business from 15 January 1997–4 August 1999
  • Shadow Minister for Police, Emergency Services from 15 January 1997–10 January 2001
  • Spokesperson for Crime Prevention from 5 August 1999–10 February 2001
  • Shadow Minister for Education, Women's Interests from 26 September 2008–14 February 2011
  • Shadow Treasurer, Shadow Minister for Tourism and Government Accountability 14 February 2011–27 January 2012
  • Shadow Minister for Police, Road Safety, Crime Prevention, Tourism
  • Shadow Minister for Police, Road Safety, Crime Prevention, Culture and the Arts, Manager of Opposition Business from 9 April 2013

  • Member Standing Orders and Procedure Committee from 20 March 1997–11 August 1999
  • Member Joint House Committee from 20 March 1997–11 June 1998
  • Member Joint Parliamentary Services Committee from 11 June 1998–10 January 2001
  • Member Procedure and Privileges Committee from 22 February 2012–30 January 2013 (Deputy Chairman from 28 February 2012–30 January 2013)
  • Member Procedure and Privileges Committee from 9 May 2013 (Deputy Chairman from 21 May 2013)
  • Member Select Committee on Recycling and Waste Management from 8 December 1994–7 December 1995
  • Member Select Committee on Crime Prevention from 15 October 1997–23 September 1999

Historical Notes
  • The longest serving woman MP in WA
  • First Mother of the House. From 5 February 2018
Private Member's Bills
Equal Opportunity Amendment Bill 2009 Assented to - 1/4/2010
Police Act Amendment (Prohibition of Street Prostitution) Bill 1999 Legislative Assembly Second Reading - 17/11/1999
President John Curtin Senior High School branch Teachers’ Union 1985–1987
Former member Civil Services Association
Member East Perth Development Authority Board 1991–1993
Member Swan Chamber of Commerce
Member Festival of Perth Board 1989–1991, Perth Theatre Trust 1990–1993
Australian Political Exchange delegate to China 1988
Member local community groups, patron of numerous organisations including at various times Tuart Hill Amateur Swimming Club, Leederville Croquet Club, United Districts Racing Pigeon Club, Midland Pensioners, Police Legacy and vice patron Midland Tennis Club
BA, Dip Ed
D Black and G Bolton, eds, Biographical Register of Members of the Parliament of Western Australia: volume two 1930-2010, Western Australian Parliamentary History Project, Perth, WA, 2011, p. 225.
Parliament of Western Australia website. Current Members. Accessed 2 June 2015.
Further Information
Chapter 34. Michelle Roberts Making a Difference.pdf

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