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Shaw, Ms Jessica Jane
Last Name: ShawFirst Name or Initial: Jessica
Who pulls the purse strings? : Problems and possibilities in the legislative oversight of executive expenditure in the Australian federal government
Name: -Place: -Year: 2006
A dissertation submitted for the award LLM Master of Laws."--Front cover
Dissertation (LLM Master of Laws)-- University of Cambridge. 2006.
“Mainstream Australian political discourse tends to focus on the legislative activity of the Australian Federal Parliament—the laws passed; the horse-trading involved in passage; and the personalities and political controversies that often accompany bills. The intricacies of the relationship between parliament and the executive in terms of scrutiny and accountability feature less prominently. J.S. Mill considered that the role of parliaments should be to: Watch and control the Government; to throw the light of publicity on its acts; to compel a full exposition and justification of all of them which anyone considers questionable; to censure them if found condemnable, and if the men who compose the Government abuse their trust or fulfil it in a manner which conflicts with the deliberate sense of the nation to expel them from office, and either expressly or virtually appoint their successors. This is surely ample power and security enough for the liberty of the Nation.”--Page 2.
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