Shadow Ministers

The Shadow Ministry is composed of senior Members of the Opposition in the Parliament who occupy the Opposition front benches in either the Legislative Assembly or the Legislative Council. They are allocated ‘shadow’ portfolios to match those of the Government.

A Shadow Minister’s role is to scrutinise, appraise and criticise policies and actions of a particular Government Minister and government departments under his or her responsibility. Shadow Ministry members are the Opposition’s main spokespeople in Parliament and to the public through the media. Unlike Ministers, Shadow Ministers may also serve on Parliamentary Committees.

In the Western Australian Parliament ‘Shadow Ministries’ date back to 1974 but they do not have official status. Only party Leaders, Deputy Leaders and party Whips receive an extra salary allowance for their roles.

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Hon. Dr Michael (Mike) Dennis Nahan MLA

Shadow Minister for Public Sector Management; State Development, Jobs and Trade; Federal-State Relations

Hon. Liza Mary Harvey MLA

Shadow Minister for Transport; Planning; Lands

Hon. Peter Charles Collier MLC

Shadow Minister for Housing; Disability Services

Hon. Michael Mischin MLC

Shadow Attorney General ; Minister for Commerce

Mr Sean Kimberley L'Estrange MLA

Shadow Minister for Health; Mental Health

Mr Dean Cambell Nalder MLA

Shadow Treasurer ; Shadow Minister for Finance; Energy

Hon. Donna Evelyn Mary Faragher MLC

Shadow Minister for Education and Training; Women's Interests

Hon. William (Bill) Richard Marmion MLA

Shadow Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Innovation and Disruptive Technologies; Defence Issues; Science

Mr Peter Argyris Katsambanis MLA

Shadow Minister for Police; Road Safety; Industrial Relations

Hon. Nicolas (Nick) Pierre Goiran MLC

Shadow Minister for Child Protection; Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence

Ms Elizabeth (Libby) Mettam MLA

Shadow Minister for Tourism; Small Business

Mr John Edwin McGrath MLA

Shadow Minister for Racing and Gaming; Sport and Recreation

Mr Ian Charles Blayney MLA

Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Food; Fisheries

Hon. James (Jim) Edward Chown MLC

Shadow Minister for Regional Development; Royalties for Regions

Mr Antonio (Tony) Krsticevic MLA

Shadow Minister for Local Government; Heritage; Culture and the Arts; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests

Hon. Simon O'Brien MLC

Shadow Minister for Electoral Affairs

Hon. Kenneth (Ken) Charles Baston MLC

Shadow Minister for Northern Australia

Hon. Dr Steven (Steve) Caldwell Thomas MLC

Shadow Minister for Environment; Emergency Services; Forestry

Hon. Tjorn Dirk Sibma MLC

Shadow Minister for Government Accountability and Procurement; Public Sector Integrity and Performance (Assisting the Leader for Public Sector Management); Veterans Issues

Mr Zak Richard Francis Kirkup MLA

Shadow Minister for Corrective Services; Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader

Mr Kyran Martin O'Donnell MLA

Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Dr David John Honey MLA

Shadow Minister for Water; Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader

Mrs Alyssa Kathleen Hayden MLA

Shadow Minister for Community Services; Youth; Seniors and Ageing; Volunteering