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  • The Legislative Assembly meets on 13/02/2024 (01:00 PM)
    Assembly sit 13/02/2024

Current e-Petitions for the Legislative Council

Upholding recommendation 5 of the AFAC Independent Operational Review of the Wooroloo Bushfire 2021

Eligibility : Residents of Western Australia Only

To the President and Members of the Legislative Council of the Parliament of Western Australia in Parliament assembled. We the undersigned ...

support upholding the Wooroloo Bushfire Inquiry Recommendation 5, which states ‘Any determination that the Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner, as the Hazard Management Authority (Bushfire), makes in respect of construction standards or subdivision developments, regarding requirements such as Asset Protection Zones, Bushfire Attack Levels etc. should be upheld by the consent authority.’
We therefore ask the Legislative Council to recommend that the Government investigate and implement Legislative changes to enable recommendations made by DFES via its Commissioner, regarding the safer planning and/or development in bushfire prone areas, to be up-held in all situations and circumstances, because the Review concluded “This advice reflects the highest level of expertise in bushfire risk assessment.” (item 4.56).

And your petitioners as in duty bound, will ever pray.

Sorry this e-Petition status is "Closed". You may not sign the petiton at this time.