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Current e-Petitions for the Legislative Council

Petition in relation to abortion rights in Western Australia

Eligibility : Residents of Western Australia Only

To the President and Members of the Legislative Council of the Parliament of Western Australia in Parliament assembled. We the undersigned ...

support free and accessible abortions on demand, regulated by the Public Health Act rather than the Criminal Code.
We therefore ask the Legislative Council to support amending WA legislation to:
1. Remove abortion from the Criminal Code (Acts Amendment (Abortion) Act 1998) and regulate abortion via the Public Health Act or other suitable health-related legislation
2. Commit to ensuring that abortion costs are 100% free and guarantee medical and surgical abortion access for all women and people who can give birth, regardless of citizenship, residential status or postcode.
3. Remove any requirement for people seeking an abortion to receive mandatory counselling or seek multiple approvals for abortion procedures, allowing any decision regarding abortion to be made by the patient at any point during pregnancy
4. Adopt legislation that removes barriers to abortion access based on the conscientious objection of medical practitioners by requiring the provision of a referral, or, in the case of no other accessible providers available within a reasonable distance, the provision of the abortion service itself.

And your petitioners as in duty bound, will ever pray.

Sorry this e-Petition status is "Closed". You may not sign the petiton at this time.