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    Assembly sit 14/02/2023
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Current e-Petitions for the Legislative Council

Transparent health advice and modelling informing ‘state of emergency’ declarations

Eligibility : Residents of Western Australia Only

To the President and Members of the Legislative Council of the Parliament of Western Australia in Parliament assembled. We the undersigned ...

note that:
1. The McGowan Labor Government first declared a “state of emergency” more than two years ago on 15 March 2020 under the Emergency Management Act 2005 and a “public health state of emergency” the following day under the Public Health Act 2016;
2. Both state of emergency declarations have been extended every fortnight since;
3. The Chief Health Officer gave evidence to the Standing Committee on Estimates and Financial Operations on 23 March 2022 revealing that he, or someone acting in his place, had provided advice prior to each declaration and extension;
4. Prior to being elected Premier, a promise was made by Mr McGowan that his Government would adhere to a “gold standard” of transparency;
5. The Premier recently declared under oath in open court that ''gold-standard transparency does not apply to every single thing'';
6. Premier McGowan and his Ministers have refused to make the health advice and any associated modelling publicly available.
We therefore ask the Legislative Council to urgently inquire into this matter so that all health advice and modelling used to justify each state of emergency declaration is tabled in Parliament without further delay.

And your petitioners as in duty bound, will ever pray.

Sorry this e-Petition status is "Closed". You may not sign the petiton at this time.