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Parliamentary Questions - Legislative Council

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Relevant portfolio

Parliamentary Questions - Legislative Council

You can find answers to questions on notice and questions without notice through this section. Answers to questions with notice are uploaded as soon as these become available.

O indicates question has been answered
X indicates question has been withdrawn

QwN indicates Question without Notice
QoN indicates Question on Notice

Date Question number Member asking Relevant portfolio
25 Jun 2020QoN 3017Hon Colin de GrussaWater
25 Jun 2020QoN 3016Hon Colin HoltRegional Development
25 Jun 2020QoN 3015Hon Peter CollierTransport
O25 Jun 2020QwN 715Hon DIANE EVERSAgriculture and Food
O25 Jun 2020QwN 714Hon MARTIN ALDRIDGEAgriculture and Food
O25 Jun 2020QwN 713Hon TIM CLIFFORDCulture and the Arts
O25 Jun 2020QwN 712Hon DONNA FARAGHERHealth
O25 Jun 2020QwN 711Hon ALISON XAMONDisability Services
O25 Jun 2020QwN 710Hon ROBIN CHAPPLEHealth
O25 Jun 2020QwN 709Hon ROBIN SCOTTLands
O25 Jun 2020QwN 708Hon COLIN de GRUSSAFinance
O25 Jun 2020QwN 707Hon COLIN TINCKNELLHousing
O25 Jun 2020QwN 706Hon RICK MAZZAWater
O25 Jun 2020QwN 705Hon CHARLES SMITHminister representing the Treasurer
O25 Jun 2020QwN 704Hon JACQUI BOYDELLHousing
O25 Jun 2020QwN 703Hon PETER COLLIERTransport
O25 Jun 2020QwN 702Hon PETER COLLIERCommerce
O25 Jun 2020QwN 701Hon PETER COLLIEREnvironment
O25 Jun 2020QwN 700Hon PETER COLLIERChild Protection
O25 Jun 2020QwN 699Hon PETER COLLIERLeader of the House representing the Attorney General
O25 Jun 2020QwN 698Hon PETER COLLIERTransport