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Parliamentary Questions - Legislative Council

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Relevant portfolio

Parliamentary Questions - Legislative Council

You can find answers to questions on notice and questions without notice through this section. Answers to questions with notice are uploaded as soon as these become available.

O indicates question has been answered
X indicates question has been withdrawn

QwN indicates Question without Notice
QoN indicates Question on Notice

Date Question number Member asking Relevant portfolio
05/12/2019QoN 2737Hon Robin ScottMines and Petroleum; Industrial Relations
05/12/2019QoN 2736Hon Jacqui BoydellWater
05/12/2019QoN 2735Hon Martin AldridgeMines and Petroleum
05/12/2019QoN 2734Hon Colin de GrussaPolice
05/12/2019QoN 2733Hon Colin HoltHousing
O05/12/2019QwN 1575Hon MICHAEL MISCHINLands
O05/12/2019QwN 1574Hon Dr STEVE THOMASminister representing the Treasurer
O05/12/2019QwN 1573Hon KEN BASTONPolice
O05/12/2019QwN 1572Hon ROBIN SCOTTMines and Petroleum
O05/12/2019QwN 1571Hon ALISON XAMONChild Protection
O05/12/2019QwN 1570Hon ROBIN CHAPPLEAboriginal Affairs
O05/12/2019QwN 1569Hon TJORN SIBMACommunity Services
O05/12/2019QwN 1568Hon SIMON O’BRIENEducation and Training
O05/12/2019QwN 1567Hon TIM CLIFFORDLeader of the House representing the Premier
O05/12/2019QwN 1566Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O05/12/2019QwN 1565Hon COLIN TINCKNELLminister representing the Treasurer
O05/12/2019QwN 1564Hon COLIN de GRUSSALeader of the House representing the Attorney General
O05/12/2019QwN 1563Hon JACQUI BOYDELLWater
O05/12/2019QwN 1562Hon NICK GOIRANChild Protection
O05/12/2019QwN 1561Hon DONNA FARAGHEREducation and Training
O05/12/2019QwN 1560Hon MICHAEL MISCHINminister representing the Treasurer