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Parliamentary Questions - Legislative Council

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Parliamentary Questions - Legislative Council

You can find answers to questions on notice and questions without notice through this section. Answers to questions with notice are uploaded as soon as these become available.

O indicates question has been answered
X indicates question has been withdrawn

QwN indicates Question without Notice
QoN indicates Question on Notice

Date Question number Member asking Relevant portfolio
17/10/2019QoN 2595Hon Tim CliffordEnvironment
17/10/2019QoN 2594Hon Tim CliffordEnvironment
17/10/2019QoN 2593Hon Tim CliffordEnergy
17/10/2019QoN 2592Hon Robin ChappleEnvironment
17/10/2019QoN 2591Hon Robin ChapplePremier
17/10/2019QoN 2590Hon Robin ChappleElectoral Affairs
17/10/2019QoN 2589Hon Robin ChappleMines and Petroleum
17/10/2019QoN 2588Hon Robin ChappleState Development, Jobs and Trade
16/10/2019QoN 2587Hon Robin ChappleEnvironment
16/10/2019QoN 2586Hon Alison XamonEnergy
16/10/2019QoN 2585Hon Alison XamonEnvironment
16/10/2019QoN 2584Hon Alison XamonEducation and Training
O16/10/2019QwN 1167Hon ALISON XAMONLeader of the House representing the Attorney General
O16/10/2019QwN 1166Hon MICHAEL MISCHINPolice
O16/10/2019QwN 1165Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O16/10/2019QwN 1164Hon PETER COLLIERHousing
O16/10/2019QwN 1163Hon ALISON XAMONLeader of the House representing the Attorney General
O16/10/2019QwN 1162Hon COLIN HOLTRegional Development
O16/10/2019QwN 1161Hon KEN BASTONEnergy
O16/10/2019QwN 1160Hon ROBIN CHAPPLEAboriginal Affairs
O16/10/2019QwN 1159Hon ROBIN SCOTTHealth