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Proceedings Name: Hearing with Chief Health Officer
Commencement Date: 14 Oct 2020
End Date: 14 Oct 2020
Proceedings Status: Past
Committee Name: Education and Health Standing Committee (2017 - 2021)
House: Legislative Assembly
Media Statements: No Media Statements released
14 Oct 202010:15 AMLegislative Assembly Committee Office - Meeting Room 1Department of HealthDr Andrew Robertson (WA Chief Health Officer), Dr Robyn Lawrence (State Health Incident Controller) and Dr Paul Armstrong (Deputy Chief Health Officer, Public Health)
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• Evidence by Dr Andrew Robertson (Chief Health Officer, Department of Health), Dr Robyn Lawrence (Deputy Chief Health Officer, Clinical Services and State Health Incident Controller, Department of Health) and Dr Paul Armstrong (Deputy Chief Health Officer, Public Health, Department of Health) on 14/10/2020
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