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Proceedings Name: Hearings on new Closing the Gap targets
Commencement Date: 04 Nov 2020
End Date: 29 Jan 2021
Proceedings Status: Past
Committee Name: Education and Health Standing Committee (2017 - 2021)
House: Legislative Assembly
Media Statements: No Media Statements released
04 Nov 202010:00 AMLACO Meeting Room 4Aboriginal Advisory Council of WAMrs Vicki O’Donnell, Mr Jonathan Ford, Mrs Gail Reynolds-Adamson,
04 Nov 202011:00 AMLACO Meeting Room 4Department of Education Mr Kevin O’Keefe, Mr Jim Bell
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• Evidence by Mrs Gail Reynolds-Adamson (Member, Aboriginal Advisory Council of WA), Mrs Vicki O'Donnell (Member, Aboriginal Advisory Council of WA) and Mr Jonathan Ford (Member, Aboriginal Advisory Council of WA) on 04/11/2020
• Evidence by Mr Jim Bell (Executive Director, Strategy and Policy, Department of Education) and Mr Kevin O'Keefe (Principal Adviser, Department of Education) on 04/11/2020
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