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Proceedings Name: Petition No 35 - Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel
Commencement Date: 10 Apr 2014
End Date: 19 Nov 2014
Proceedings Status: Past
Committee Name: Environment and Public Affairs Committee
House: Legislative Council
Media Statements: No Media Statements released
15 Oct 201411:15 AMCity of Melville
22 Oct 201410:15 AMMetro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel
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• Evidence by Dr Shayne Silcox (Chief Executive Officer, City of Melville), Mrs Amanda Leith (Planning Services Coordinator, City of Melville), Mr Stephen Cope (Director, Urban Planning, City of Melville), Mr Louis Hitchcock (Executive Manager, Legal Services, City of Melville) on 15/10/2014
• Evidence by Charles Johnson on 22/10/2014
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