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Proceedings Name:A Petition Regarding Yarragadee Aquifer
Commencement Date:03/20/2007
End Date:05/30/2007
Proceedings Status:Past
Committee Name:Environment and Public Affairs Committee
House:Legislative Council
Media Statements:No Media Statements released
20/04/200711:00 AM(Chief Executive Officer), Water Corporation, (Principal Engineer) Water Corporation Dr Jim Gill and Mr Mark Leathersich
20/04/200712:00 PM(Director) Water Resource UseMr Robert David Hammond
Related Transcripts of Evidence:
• Evidence by Dr Jim Gill (Chief Executive Officer, Water Corporation) and Mr Mark Leathersich (Principal Engineer, Water Corporation) on 20/04/2007
• Evidence by Mr Robert David Hammond (Director,Water Resource Use) on 20/04/2007
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