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Proceedings Name:Petition No 63 - Regarding the Rezoning of A Class Reserve in Claremont
Commencement Date:28 Aug 2007
End Date:07 Aug 2008
Proceedings Status:Past
Committee Name:Environment and Public Affairs Committee
House:Legislative Council
Media Statements:No Media Statements released
02 Apr 200811:00 AMTown of ClaremontMr Athanasios Kyron , Chief Executive Officer; Mr Terence Pearson, Director Stategic Planning; Mr Benjamin Rose, Strategic Town Planner
02 Apr 200811:45 AMLake Claremont Precinct AssociationMr Peter Stannard, Chairperson; Dr Heather Whiting, Secretary; Mrs Barbara Browne, Committee Member
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• Evidence by Mr Athanasios Kyron, Chief Executive Officer, Town of Claremont; Mr Terence Pearson, Director Strategic Planning, Town of Claremont; Mr Benjamin Rose, Strategic Town Planner, Town of Claremont on 02/04/2008
• Evidence by Mr Peter Stannard, Chairperson, Lake Claremont Precinct Association; Dr Heather Whiting, Secretary, Lake Claremont Precinct Association; Mrs Barbara Browne, Committee Member, Lake Claremont Precinct Association on 02/04/2008
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