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Proceedings Name:Petition No 63 - Regarding the Rezoning of A Class Reserve in Claremont
Commencement Date:28 Aug 2007
End Date:07 Aug 2008
Proceedings Status:Past
Committee Name:Environment and Public Affairs Committee
House:Legislative Council
Petitions tabled in the Legislative Council stand referred to the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs (Committee) under the Committee's terms of reference. The Committee assigns a number to each petition upon receipt.

Petition No 63 was tabled on 28 August 2007 and was couched in the following terms:
To the President and Members of the Legislative Council of the Parliament of Western Australia in Parliament assembled.

We the undersigned residents of Western Australia are opposed to:

a) The rezoning of the A Class Reserve for the use of high density housing at the corners of Davies Road/Shenton Road/Shenton Place Claremont
b) The relocation of the Claremont Tennis Club onto the Par 3 Golf Course at Lake Claremont
c) Removal of the Par 3 and Long Nine Golf Courses which would reduce the recreational facilities in the Lake Claremont Precinct
d) Any further disturbance of the environment in this valuable wetland area.

Your petitioners, therefore, respectfully request the Legislative Council to oppose the rezoning of the A Class Reserve on which the Claremont Tennis Club and the Par 3 Golf Course are currently situated.
02 Apr 200811:00 AMTown of ClaremontMr Athanasios Kyron , Chief Executive Officer; Mr Terence Pearson, Director Stategic Planning; Mr Benjamin Rose, Strategic Town Planner
02 Apr 200811:45 AMLake Claremont Precinct AssociationMr Peter Stannard, Chairperson; Dr Heather Whiting, Secretary; Mrs Barbara Browne, Committee Member
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