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Proceedings Name:An Examination of the State's Preparedness for this Year's Coming Fire Season
Commencement Date:07 Sep 2011
End Date:24 Nov 2011
Proceedings Status:Past
Committee Name:Community Development and Justice Committee (2008 - 2013)
House:Legislative Assembly
Media Statements:No Media Statements released
Details: The Committee will examine:

the Police Commissioner;
FESA’s Chief Executive Officer;
the Department of Environment and Conservation’s Director General;
the WALGA President;
the President of the United Firefighters Union Of Western Australia; and
the President of the Bedfordale Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade.
about the State’s preparedness for this year’s coming fire season, including:
a) the interoperability of agencies with responsibilities to combat bushfires;
b) the coordination of bushfire volunteers;
c) evacuation policies in force;
d) public information policies in force; and
e) the implementation status of previous recommendations of the Community Development and Justice Standing Committee.
The Committee will report to Parliament by 24 November 2011.

19 Sep 201103:30 PMLegislative Assembly Committee Meeting Room 1Department of Environment and Conservation Mr Keiran McNamara - Director General Mr Peter Dans - Director Regional Services Mr Murray Carter - Manager Fire Department Services Branch
28 Sep 201110:00 AMLegislative Assembly Committee Meeting Room 1Dr Karl O'Callaghan - WA Police Commissioner Asst Commissioner Duane Bell Mr Mark Ryan, Strategic Policy Advisor
30 Sep 201110:00 AMLegislative Assembly Committee Meeting Room 1Fire and Emergency Services Authority of WA Mr Wayne Gregson - Chief Executive Officer Mr Frank Pasquale - Executive Director Corporate Services Mr Mark Platt - Manager for Professional Standards Mr Chris Arnol - Assistant Chief Operations Officer Country
17 Oct 201102:30 PMLegislative Assembly Committee Meeting Room 2Roleystone Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Mr Noel Plowman - Captain Mr Glen Bush
17 Oct 201103:30 PMLegislative Assembly Committee Meeting Room 2Western Australian Local Government Association Ms Ricky Burges - Chief Executive Officer Mr John Lane - Emergency Management Coordinator
21 Oct 201110:00 AMLegislative Assembly Committee Meeting Room 1United Firefighters Union of Australia - WA Branch Mr Kevin Jolly - President Mr Graeme Geer - Secretary Ms Lea Anderson - Industrial Officer
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• Evidence by Department of Environment and Conservation (Mr Keiran McNamara (Director General), Mr Peter Dans (Director, Regional Services) and Mr Murray Carter (Manager, Fire Management Services)) on 19/09/2011
• Evidence by WA Police (Dr Karl O'Callaghan (Commissioner), Mr Duane Bell (Assistant Commissioner) and Mr Mark Ryan (Strategic Policy Advisor)) on 28/09/2011
• Evidence by Fire and Emergency Services Authority (Mr Wayne Gregson (Chief Executive Officer), Mr Frank Pasquale (Executive Director, Corporate Services), Mr Lloyd Bailey (Assistant Chief Operations Officer for Metropolitan Fire) and Mr Christopher Arnol (Assistant Chief Operations Officer for Country)) on 30/09/2011
• Evidence by Mr Noel Plowman (Volunteer Firefighter, Roleystone Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade) and Mr Glenn Bush (Volunteer Firefighter, Roleystone Bush Fire Brigade on 17/10/2011
• Evidence by Western Australian Local Government Association (Ms Ricky Burges (Chief Executive Officer) and Mr John Lane (Coordinator, Emergency Management Services)) on 17/10/2011
• Evidence by United Firefighters Union of Western Australia (Ms Lea Anderson (Industrial Officer), Mr Graeme Geer (Secretary) and Mr Kevin Jolly (President)) on 21/10/2011
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