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  • The Legislative Council meets on 11/10/2022 (02:00 PM)
    Council sit 11/10/2022
  • The Legislative Assembly meets on 18/10/2022 (01:00 PM)
    Assembly sit 18/10/2022
  • The Estimates Committee meets on 28/09/2022 (10:00 AM)
    Committee meet 28/09/2022

Proceedings Name:Hearing in regard to children and poverty
Commencement Date:09 Mar 2022
Proceedings Status:Current
Committee Name:Joint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Young People
Media Statements:No Media Statements released
16 Mar 202210:15 AMMeeting Room 2Centrecare/Valuing Children InitiativeAdjunct Professor Tony Pietropiccolo
23 Mar 202210:00 AMMeeting Room 2Curtin UniversityDr. Christina Pollard, Associate Professor
23 Mar 202210:45 AMMeeting Room 2FoodbankDr Roslyn Giglia, Nutrition and Food Security Manager
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• Evidence by Adjunct Professor TONY PIETROPICCOLO, AM (Director, Centrecare; Co-founder, Valuing Children Initiative) on 16/03/2022
• Evidence by Dr ROSLYN GIGLIA (Nutrition and Food Security Manager, Foodbank) on 23/03/2022
• Evidence by Dr CHRISTINA POLLARD (Associate Professor, Academic and Public Health Nutritionist, Curtin University) on 23/03/2022
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