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2015/16 Budget Estimates Hearings

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Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Council Committee Rooms Ground Floor, 18-32 Parliament Place, West Perth

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15 Jun 201510:00 AMLegislative Council Committee Office,Treasury, Department of
23 Jun 201509:30 AMLegislative Council Chamber,Department of Education
23 Jun 201501:30 PMLegislative Council Chamber,Department of Commerce
23 Jun 201503:15 PMLegislative Council ChamberBuilding Commission
23 Jun 201504:15 PMLegislative Council Chamber,Department of Aboriginal Affairs
23 Jun 201507:00 PMLegislative Council Chamber,Department of Housing
24 Jun 201509:30 AMLegislative Council Chamber,Department of Health
24 Jun 201501:30 PMLegislative Council Chamber,Disability Services Commission
24 Jun 201504:00 PMLegislative Council Chamber,Department for Child Protection and Family Services
24 Jun 201507:00 PMLegislative Council Chamber,Mental Health Commission
25 Jun 201509:30 AMLegislative Council Chamber,Department of Parks and Wildlife
25 Jun 201511:00 AMLegislative Council Chamber,Department of Fire and Emergency Services
25 Jun 201501:30 PMLegislative Council Chamber,Main Roads WA
25 Jun 201503:45 PMLegislative Council Chamber,Department of Transport
25 Jun 201507:00 PMLegislative Council ChamberPublic Transport Authority
26 Jun 201509:30 AMLegislative Council Chamber,Agriculture and Food, Department of
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