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Inquiry into the Purpose and Process of Statutes Repeals and Minor Amendments Bills

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Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Council Committee Rooms Ground Floor, 18-32 Parliament Place, West Perth

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29 Oct 200711:15 AMHouse of Commons, Palace of Westminster, London, UKOverseas OfficeLiam Laurence Smyth, Clerk of the Overseas Office
29 Oct 200703:30 PMHouse of Commons, Palace of Westminster, London, UKRegulatory Reform CommitteeMick Hillyard, Clerk of the Regulatory Reform Committee
30 Oct 200710:30 AMHouse of Commons, Palace of Westminster, London, UKModernisation CommitteeGordon Clarke, Clerk of the Modernisation Committee
30 Oct 200703:30 PMHouse of Commons, Palace of Westminster, London, UKPublic Bills OfficeChris Shaw, Deputy Principal Clerk, Public Bills Office
30 Oct 200702:30 PMHouse of Lords, Palace of Westminster, LondonRecords OfficeStephen Ellison, Clerk of Records, House of Lords
30 Oct 200703:45 PMHouse of Commons, Palace of Westminster, LondonCommittee OfficeMatthew Hamlyn, Head of the Scrutiny Unit, Committee Office
31 Oct 200710:00 AMLaw Commission OfficeLaw Commission for England & WalesJustice Etherton, President of the Law Commission for England & Wales
31 Oct 200702:00 PMParliamentary Counsel's Office for the UKStephen Laws CB, First Parliamentary Counsel for the UK
02 Nov 200710:30 AMLaw Reform Commission Office of IrelandJustice Catherine McGuiness, President of the Law Reform Commission of Ireland
05 Nov 200710:30 AMGovernment BuildingsDepartment of the Taoiseach, IrelandThe Better Regulation Unit, Department of the Taoiseach
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