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Inquiry into the National Energy Bills 2016

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:22 Jun 2016
Tabling date:22 Sep 2016
Date Ended:22 Sep 2016
Committee:Uniform Legislation and Statutes Review Committee
House:Legislative Council
Media Statements: 06/24/2016
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:On 22 June 2016 the Legislative Council referred the:

Energy Legislation Amendment and Repeal Bill 2016

National Electricity (Western Australia) Bill 2016

National Gas Access (WA) Amendment Bill 2016

to the Standing Committee on Uniform Legislation and Statutes Review (Committee), pursuant to Legislative Council Standing Order 126(1) with the Committee required to report to the Legislative Council by no later than 16 August 2016. On 28 June 2016 the Legislative Council granted an extension of time in which to report from 16 August 2016 to 22 September 2016.

Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Council Committee Rooms Ground Floor, 18-32 Parliament Place, West Perth

01 Aug 201601:00 PMDepartment of Finance, Public Utilities Office
15 Aug 201601:30 PMPerth Energy
22 Aug 201601:30 PMWestern Power
Related Transcripts of Evidence:
Evidence by.. Dr Ray Challen (Deputy Director General, Department of Finance, Public Utilities Office); Rex Vines (Assistant State Solicitor, State Solicitor's Office); Roger Jacobs (Senior Assistant Parliamentary Counsel, Parliamentary Counsel's
Office WA) on 1 Aug 2016
Evidence by.. Mr Ky Cao, Managing Director, Perth Energy Pty Ltd on 15 Aug 2016
Evidence by.. Mr Matthew Cronin (Head of Regulation, Western Power); Dr Sean McGoldrick (Executive Manager, Western Power) on 22 Aug 2016