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Inquiry into children and young people on the Sex Offenders Register - is mandatory registration appropriate?

Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Council Committee Rooms Ground Floor, 18-32 Parliament Place, West Perth

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14 Aug 201909:00 AMLCCOCommissioner for Children and Young PeopleYes
21 Aug 201909:00 AMLCCOLegal Aid WAYes
04 Sep 201910:00 AMLCCOAboriginal Legal Service of Western AustraliaYes
26 Aug 201910:00 AMLCCOYouth Legal ServiceYes
26 Aug 201911:15 AMLCCOChildren's Court of WAYes
26 Aug 201901:00 PMLCCOChief Magistrate of WAYes
26 Aug 201902:15 PMLCCODirector of Public Prosecutions for Western AustraliaYes
27 Aug 201910:00 AMLCCODr Russ Pratt, Forensic PsychologistYes
25 Sep 201910:00 AMLCCOWA PoliceYes