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Joint Standing Committee on the Corruption and Crime Commission

Joint (Legislative Assembly)

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Title & summary Status
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Report No Title Date tabled Related documents
17 Meaningful Reform Overdue; The Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 200319 Nov 2020
16 Annual Report 2019-202012 Nov 2020
15 If not the CCC ... then where? - An examination of the Corruption and Crime Commission's oversight of excessive use of force allegations against members of the WA Police Force24 Sep 2020
14 Red faces Corruption risk in public procurement in Western Australia14 May 2020More...
13 Annual Report 2018-1928 Nov 2019
12 An unreasonable suspicion - Parliamentary Inspector's report24 Oct 2019More...
11 Parliamentary Inspector's report on 'a saga of persistence'27 Jun 2019
10 With extraordinary power; The Corruption and Crime Commission's execution of a search warrant on the Shire of Halls Creek21 Mar 2019
9 Annual Report 2017-1829 Nov 2018
8 The More Things Change... Matters arising from the Corruption and Crime Commission's Report on Operation Aviemore: Major Crime Squad Investigation into the Unlawful Killing of Mr Joshua Warneke20 Sep 2018More...
7 Unfinished business: The Corruption and Crime Commission’s response to the Committee’s report on Dr Cunningham and Ms Atoms30 Nov 2017
6 Parliamentary Inspector’s report on the issuing of notices by the Corruption and Crime Commission under s 42 of the Corruption, Crime annd Misconduct Act30 Nov 2017
5 Current Committee Confirmed - Clarifying the legal composition and powers of the Committee19 Oct 2017
4 Parliamentary Inspector's report on a complaint by Dr Robert Cunningham and Ms Catherine Atoms12 Oct 2017
3 Annual Report 2016-1714 Sep 2017
2 The ability of the Corruption and Crime Commission to charge and prosecute14 Sep 2017More...
1 The efficiency and timeliness of the current appointment process for Commissioners and Parliamentary Inspectors of the CCC14 Sep 2017More...