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  • The Recess meets on 23/05/2022 ()
    sit 23/05/2022
  • The Legislative Assembly meets on 25/05/2022 (09:00 AM)
    Assembly sit 25/05/2022
  • The Legislative Council meets on 14/06/2022 (02:00 PM)
    Council sit 14/06/2022
  • The Estimates Committee meets on 23/05/2022 (09:00 AM)
    Committee meet 23/05/2022

Standing Committee on Public Administration

Legislative Council

Committees single page sample image
Report No Title Date tabled Related documents
37 Delivery of Ambulance Services in Western Australia: Critical Condition19 May 2022
36 Terms of Reference: Inquiry into the delivery of ambulance services in Western Australia22 Jun 2021
35 Government Response to Report 31-Coming home safely: WorkSafe and the workplace culture in Western Australia25 Nov 2020More...
34 Consultation with Statutory Office Holders24 Nov 2020More...
33 Private property rights: the need for disclosure and fair compensation30 Sep 2020More...
32 Inquiry into Private Property Rights - Extension of time16 Sep 2020
31 Coming home safely: WorkSafe and the workplace culture in Western Australia 18 Aug 2020More...
30 Inquiry into Private Property Rights - Extension of time20 Feb 2020
29 Consultation with Statutory Office Holders15 Oct 2019More...
28 Inquiry into WorkSafe-Terms of Reference27 Jun 2017
27 Government Response to Report 2613 Sep 2016
26 Transport of Persons in Custody21 Jun 2016More...
25 Inquiry into the Patient Assisted Travel Scheme in Western Australia16 Jun 2015More...
24 Inquiry into Recreational Hunting Systems - Erratum25 Mar 2015
23 Report on Recreational Hunting Systems10 Mar 2015More...
22 Inquiry into the transport of persons in custody in Western Australia26 Nov 2014
21 Inquiry into Recreational Hunting Systems - Extension of Time20 Nov 2014
20 Inquiry into Pastoral Leases in Western Australia1 Apr 2014More...
19 Inquiry into Patient Assisted Travel Scheme - Terms of Reference27 Feb 2014
18 Clarification of Auditor General's advice on statutory secrecy provisions and the Auditor General Act 2006 (WA)27 Feb 2014
17 Inquiry into Pastoral Leases in Western Australia - Terms of Reference8 Aug 2013
16 Report - Public Discussion Paper: Public Sector Reform13 Nov 2012
15 Omnibus Report - Activity During 38th Parliament6 Nov 2012More...
Special Report Regarding "Report 14 - Unassisted Failure"23 Oct 2012More...
Special Report27 Jun 2012
Special Report3 May 2012More...
14 Unassisted Failure20 Jan 2012More...
13 Report in relation to the Inquiry into Western Australian Strata Managers1 Sep 2011More...
12 Proposed Inquiry into Regional Prisons26 May 2011
11 Recreation Activities within Public Drinking Water Source Areas23 Sep 2010More...
10 Inquiry into Statutory Office Holders' Grievance Procedures19 May 2009More...
9 Annual Report 200815 Jan 2009
8 Inquiry into the Management of Asbestos Containing Materials in Western Australian State Schools18 Jun 2008More...
7 Annual Report 200713 May 2008
6 Interim Report in relation to the Inquiry into the Governance of Western Australia's Water Resources27 Sep 2007
5 Water Resources Legislation Amendment Bill 200622 May 2007
4 A matter arising from the Committee’s Annual Report 2006 - Management of Asbestos Containing Materials in Western Australian Schools2 May 2007
3 Annual Report 20067 Dec 2006
2 Compliance of the Department of Health with Recommendations of the Auditor General's 2001 Report on Life Matters: Management of Deliberate Self-Harm in Young People21 Sep 2006More...
1 Annual Report 20051 Dec 2005
Purpose of undertakings

When the Committee finds an issue in delegated legislation, it may request an undertaking from the relevant local government or Minister to fix the issue (for example, by amending the delegated legislation).

A person or body giving an undertaking commits to do certain actions within a certain timeframe, for example to:

  • amend delegated legislation within a certain timeframe (usually 6 months) and not enforce it in the meantime;
  • provide a copy of the undertakings wherever the delegated legislation is publically available (such as at a local government office or on a website);
  • provide a copy of the minutes of the meeting at which the council of a local government resolved to provide an undertaking.

Giving an undertaking to a Parliamentary Committee is a serious matter. A failure to comply with an undertaking may be reported to the Legislative Council for further action.