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Standing Committee on Public Administration (1996 - 2001)

Legislative Council

Title & summary Status
No inquiries
Report No Title Date tabled Related documents
18 Overview Report 200023 Nov 2000
17 Parliament and Commercial Confidentiality: Contracts Between the Public and Private Sectors22 Nov 2000
16 The Remedies Available to Recipients of Contracted-Out Government Services5 Sep 2000
15 The Appeals and Review Processes for Western Australian Universities1 Jun 2000
14 Inquiry into Government Proposals for the Sale or Lease of Westrail Freight Operations21 Sep 1999
13 Outsourcing and Contracting Out: Investigations in the United Kingdom15 Sep 1999
12 The Administration of Environmental Complaints Relating to Public Health: A Case Study15 Sep 1999
11 The Labour Relations Legislation Amendment Act 1997 and Labour Relations Legislation Amendment (No.2) Bill 199724 Jun 1999
10 The Distribution Adjustment Assistance Scheme and the Committee's Third and Sixth Reports10 Dec 1998
9 School Education Bill 199725 Sep 1998
8 Government Domestic Air Travel and Associated Reservations Contract ("DATC")27 Aug 1998
7 School Education Bill 19975 Aug 1998
6 Distribution Adjustment Assistance Scheme (DAAS) Guidelines18 Jun 1998
5 Hairdressers Registration Repeal Bill 199723 Dec 1997
4 The events surrounding the denial of tenure to the late Dr David Rindos by the University of Western Australia 4 Dec 1997
3 The Distribution Adjustment Assistance Scheme (DAAS)27 Nov 1997
2 Scrutiny of Out-Sourcing and Contracting Out in the United Kingdom25 Jun 1997
1 Review of Operations for the Fourth Session of the 34th Parliament for the Standing Committee on Government Agencies18 Jun 1997
Title & summary Status
No proceedings