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The Speaker and office holders

The Speaker and Deputy Speaker are both parliamentary office holders who are elected by the members of the house.

The Speaker’s function is to regulate debate and to ensure that the proceedings are carried out in accordance with the standing orders of the house and established parliamentary custom. The Speaker is also known, along with the President, as a Presiding Officer.

The Deputy Speaker carries out the functions of the Speaker and also chairs the annual estimates hearings in the Legislative Assembly.

The following positions are political office holders, appointed by their respective parties.

The Leader of the House is the government member who arranges and manages government business in the Assembly. By convention, the Leader of the House is typically a member of the cabinet.

The Leader of the Opposition is the leader of the party which is the next largest after the government party in the Assembly and is made up of members who do not support the government.

The government and opposition Whips are managers of party members and are responsible for ensuring party discipline, including organising their party members to take part in the debates and votes.

Member Office
Hon. Peter Bruce Watson MLASpeaker

Ms Lisa Loraine Baker MLADeputy Speaker

Hon. David Alan Templeman MLALeader of the House

Mr Zak Richard Francis Kirkup MLALeader of the Opposition

Ms Elizabeth (Libby) Mettam MLADeputy Leader of the Opposition

Hon. Mia Jane Davies MLALeader of the Nationals WA

Mr Ronald (Shane) Shane Love MLADeputy Leader of the Nationals WA

Mr David Robert Michael MLAGovernment Whip

Mr Antonio (Tony) Krsticevic MLAOpposition Whip

Mr Peter James Rundle MLAThe Nationals WA Whip

Mr Ian Charles Blayney MLAActing Speaker

Ms Janine Marie Freeman MLAActing Speaker

Mr Terence (Terry) James Healy MLAActing Speaker

Mr Peter Argyris Katsambanis MLAManager of Opposition Business

Mr Stephen James Price MLAActing Speaker

Ms Margaret Mary Quirk MLAActing Speaker

Ms Sabine Elisabeth Winton MLAActing Speaker