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Tabled Papers

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Tabled Papers - Legislative Council

The following papers have been tabled in the Legislative Council. If an electronic copy of the report has been supplied by the reporting agency, this may be viewed (in PDF format) by clicking on titles underlined below.

Date Type Paper
26 Nov 2020Standing Committee on Estimates and Financial Operations46872020-21 Budget Cycle — Part 1: Estimates Hearings and Related Matters and 2019-20 Budget Cycle — Part 2: Annual Report Hearings (Report No. 83) (November 2020) - (Date published 26/11/2020)
26 Nov 2020Reports4680Corruption and Crime Commission — Report on Electorate Allowances and Management of Electorate Offices (November 2020)
26 Nov 2020Questions without Notice4690Department of Communities — Target 120 Evaluation Progress Report (March 2020) - (Hon Colin Tincknell)
26 Nov 2020Reports4682Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (Minister’s Progress Report) (2019-20)
26 Nov 2020Joint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Young People4688Discussion Paper — In Their Own Voice: The participation of children and young people in parliamentary proceeding (Report No. 7) (November 2020) - (Date published 26/11/2020)
26 Nov 2020Questions on Notice4694Hon Alison Xamon — QON No. 3376 — Racing and Wagering Western Australia’s conflict of interest policy
26 Nov 2020Questions on Notice4695Hon Alison Xamon — QON No. 3387 — Racing and Wagering Western Australia Integrity Assurance Committee licensing policy
26 Nov 2020Questions on Notice4692Hon Diane Evers — QON No. 3406 — Greater Bunbury Region Scheme Map — Lot 9077 Maidment Parade, Dalyellup
26 Nov 2020Questions on Notice4696Hon Diane Evers — QON No. 3410 — Forest Products Commission statistics 2019-20 report
26 Nov 2020Questions on Notice4693Hon Robin Chapple — QON No. 3345 — Mowanjum Irrigation Trial Industry Report
26 Nov 2020Petitions4683Legalise vaping — Requests the Legislative Council to support - (7176 signatures)
26 Nov 2020Letters4684Letter from the Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Energy, Industrial Relations to the President regarding Standing Committee on Public Administration (Report No. 35)
26 Nov 2020Questions without Notice4691List of vehicles fitted with defibrillators on Department of Fire and Emergency Services vehicles - (Hon Colin de Grussa)
26 Nov 2020Joint Standing Committee on the Corruption and Crime Commission4685Meaningful Reform Overdue: The Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003 (Report No. 17) (November 2020) - (Date published 26/11/2020)
26 Nov 2020Explanatory Memorandums4689National Disability Insurance Scheme (Worker Screening) Bill 2020 (version 2)
26 Nov 2020Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs4686Overview of Petitions 1 July 2020 to 31 October 2020 (Report No. 57) (November 2020) - (Date published 26/11/2020)
26 Nov 2020Determinations4681Planning and Development Act 2005 — Ministerial determination by the Minister for Planning regarding structure plan of lot 3082 Cable Beach Broome
26 Nov 2020Auditor General’s Papers4678Regulating Minor Pollutants (Report No. 8) (November 2020)
26 Nov 2020Auditor General’s Papers4679Western Australian Registry System — Application Controls Audit (Report No. 9) (November 2020)
25 Nov 2020Annual Reports4662Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (2019-20) - (Date received 25/11/2020)
25 Nov 2020Documents4670Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment (Change of Name) Bill 2018 — warrant registration in each State
25 Nov 2020Petitions4665Construction of Karnup Train Station — Requests the Legislative Council to support - (950 signatures)
25 Nov 2020Questions without Notice4673Department of Water and Environmental Regulation — Dalyellup Waste Residue Disposal Facility 2018 and 2019 annual environmental reports - (Hon Diane Evers)
25 Nov 2020Standing Committee on Public Administration4667Government Response to Report No. 31 — Coming home safely: Worksafe and the workplace culture in Western Australia (Report No. 35) (November 2020) - (Date published 25/11/2020)
25 Nov 2020Standing Committee on Legislation4668Guardianship and Administration Amendment (Medical Research) Bill 2020 and amendments made by the Guardianship and Administration Amendment (Medical Research) Act 2020 (Report No. 48) (November 2020) - (Date published 25/11/2020)
25 Nov 2020Questions on Notice4675Hon Aaron Stonehouse — QON No. 3350 — Terms of reference of the Monument Assessment and Advisory Committee and Premier’s Circular 2019-07
25 Nov 2020Questions on Notice4676Hon Diane Evers — QON No. 3403 — Structure Plan of lots 8019, 9076 and 9105 in the Dalyellup Beach Estate
25 Nov 2020Questions on Notice4674Hon Nick Goiran — QON No. 3348 — Breakdown of each of the 31 investigable child deaths in 2019-20
25 Nov 2020Questions without Notice4671Lotterywest board meeting minutes 20 August 2020 - (Hon Peter Collier)
25 Nov 2020Reports4660Ministerial Office Staffing as at 29 October 2020