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  • The Legislative Assembly meets on 06/08/2024 (01:00 PM)
    Assembly sit 06/08/2024
  • The Legislative Council meets on 13/08/2024 (01:00 PM)
    Council sit 13/08/2024

Learn how Parliament works

Parliament makes laws and holds the government to account for its policies, actions, and spending in order to facilitate good government for the people of Western Australia.

Powers of the Western Australian Parliament

The Parliament of Western Australia has specific powers that enable it to service our State, our economy and our people.
Two people seated reviewing the rules and guides for the Legislative Council

The difference between Parliament and government

While government Ministers sit within Parliament, Parliament’s role is to ensure the interests of Western Australians are considered by government.
Members of the government bench in the Legislative Assembly reviewing documentation

Parliament's role

Parliament has a number of key roles including making laws, scrutinising the work and finances of government, and debating issues of public concern.
Member of the Legislative Council giving a speech in the Chamber


Parliament has produced a number of informative publications to improve your understanding of how Parliament works.
Parliamentary Fellow, Associate Professor Dr Harry Phillips AM, holding a publication in the Parliamentary Library