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  • The Legislative Assembly meets on 03/08/2021 (02:00 PM)
    Assembly sit 03/08/2021
  • The Legislative Council meets on 03/08/2021 (02:00 PM)
    Council sit 03/08/2021
  • The Estimates and Financial Operations Committee meets on 04/08/2021 (10:30 AM)
    Committee meet 04/08/2021


Photography, filming and mobile phone use

Parliament House and its committee offices are working environments and Parliament House has an art collection that is subject to copyright. Therefore, restrictions apply regarding photography, filming and mobile phone use.

Guidelines govern filming and photography in Parliament House, with separate guidelines issued by each Presiding Officer with respect to the chamber under their responsibility.

Photography and filming are not permitted within Parliament House, including foyers and hallways, the members’ dining room, the visitors’ lounge and the courtyard, without the express approval of both Presiding Officers. A Presiding Officer must approve the taking of photographs in his or her chamber.

When permission is granted, filming and photography shall not include persons without their approval; offend against the dignity of Parliament; be used for satire or ridicule; be used for party political advertising or election campaigns; or be used for sponsorship or advertising. Photography must not capture Indigenous or other artworks. The majority of Indigenous artworks are in the Aboriginal People’s Room or Aboriginal People’s Gallery, located on level 2.

Visitors are not permitted to take calls in either the chambers or the members’ dining room. Mobile telephones must be switched to silent while participating in a tour of Parliament House.

Photography and filming are permitted within the grounds of Parliament House, external to the building.

Dress standard

An appropriate dress standard must be observed with smart and neat attire worn by guests. No offensive or political slogans will be displayed on clothing.

Dress code in the members’ dining room is of a business standard. Gentlemen are required to wear a business shirt with either a tie and/or jacket and fully closed shoes. Ladies are expected to wear a similar standard of dress.


Media enquiries

Media enquiries in relation to the services of the Parliament should be directed to Mr Rob Hunter, Executive Manager Parliamentary Services, on (08) 9222 7222 or Parliament cannot respond to questions on political or party business or election policies.

Media accreditation

News media representatives can be nominated by their employers to cover the proceedings of Parliament.

These representatives must apply for accreditation from the Presiding Officers. Accreditation lasts for one session of Parliament (generally four years).

To apply for accredited media representative status, please contact the Sergeant-at-Arms, on (08) 9222 7219 or email

Filming and photography

Media are authorised to film and take photographs outside Parliament House. Media must ensure public safety in the setting up of equipment and leads.

Guidelines apply to filming and photography in Parliament House, with separate guidelines issued by each Presiding Officer with respect to the chamber under their responsibility. See photography and filming and mobile phone use above for more information.