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  • The Recess meets tomorrow ()
    sit tomorrow
  • The Legislative Assembly meets on 25/05/2022 (09:00 AM)
    Assembly sit 25/05/2022
  • The Legislative Council meets on 14/06/2022 (02:00 PM)
    Council sit 14/06/2022
  • The Estimates Committee meets tomorrow (09:00 AM)
    Committee meet tomorrow

Visiting Parliament House - COVID Information

Parliament House has a range of measures in place to protect members, staff and visitors, based on current health advice. Please follow the measures as directed and do not attend Parliament if you are unwell.

Proof of vaccination

All visitors aged 16 years or over must show proof of double dose vaccination prior to entering Parliament House. Visitors will be required to show their COVID-19 vaccination certificates in either digital or paper based form. If you are not using the ServiceWA app, please have approved identification with you.

Further information about proof of vaccination and identification is available at COVID-19 Coronavirus: What proof of COVID-19 vaccinations can I use? (

Public Galleries

The public galleries of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly are closed. Parliamentary proceedings will be streamed live from our Watch and Listen page.


Tours of Parliament have been suspended until further notice. Our Visit and Learn page has a range of resources and information about Parliament.