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Booking an event at Parliament House (members only)

Functions at Parliament House must be of either a parliamentary or executive government nature, and must be hosted by a current member of Parliament (the event organiser). Functions must not be private or party political in nature and when there are multiple requests for a function in the same area, the Presiding Officers and parliamentary functions will have priority.

Functions on parliamentary sitting days are restricted to prevent interference with the operations of the chambers and the movement of members around the building. All function bookings are subject to approval by the Executive Manager Parliamentary Services. The Presiding Officers may determine specific requirements and restrictions on a case-by-case basis.

The following areas are available for reservation within Parliament House

Location Seated Reception Style


150 guests 200 guests

Aboriginal People's Gallery (2nd floor foyer)

Nil 60 guests

Lee Steere Foyer (1st floor foyer)


60 guests

Members’ dining room

100 guests 150 guests

Members’ dining room and Centenary room

130 guests

200 guests

Centenary Room

32 guests

50 guests

Swan Mace Room

14 guests

20 guests