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  • The Legislative Council meets on 11/10/2022 (02:00 PM)
    Council sit 11/10/2022
  • The Legislative Assembly meets on 18/10/2022 (01:00 PM)
    Assembly sit 18/10/2022
  • The Estimates Committee meets on 10/10/2022 (09:30 AM)
    Committee meet 10/10/2022

Puzzle: Owen Garde painting

An early meeting of the Council

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Early Meeting of the Legislative Council by Owen Garde

The painting ‘An Early Meeting of the Legislative Council’ by renowned Western Australian artist Owen Garde shows one of the first meetings of the Legislative Council. It was commissioned by the WA Parliament to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Council’s first meeting on 7 February 1832. The portrait features WA’s first Governor, Sir James Stirling, and the four men he appointed to help him administer the Swan River Colony. The painting shows, from left to right, Peter Broun, William Mackie, Captain Frederick Irwin, John Septimus Roe, Governor James Stirling and Commander Mark Currie, the Clerk of the Council.

More details about the painting: Factsheet 2: A brief history of Parliament

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