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Agricultural Region Electorate Profile

The Agricultural Region comprises 4 Legislative Assembly districts:
Central Wheatbelt, Geraldton, Moore and Roe.
Number of Electors: 98,114 (9 March 2015)
Area: 281,264 sq km

Members (in order of election):

Martin Aldridge (The Nationals)
Darren West (WA Labor)
Jim Chown (Liberal Party)
Colin De Grussa (The Nationals)
Laurie Graham (WA Labor)
Rick Mazza (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers)

Agricultural Region Map

Agricultural Electorate map

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Statistical Profile of the Agricultural Region

Agricultural Region Cover

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Agricultural Stat 1
Agricultural Stat 4
Agricultural Stat 2
Agricultural Stat 5
Agricultural Stat 3
Agricultural Stat 6

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*New* Statistics for 2021 Election Boundaries


Sitting Members