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Central Wheatbelt Electorate Profile

Current Member

Mia was first elected to represent the Agricultural Region at the 2008 State election. At the 2013 State election, Mia successfully contested the seat of Central Wheatbelt for The Nationals WA.

In November 2013 Mia made history when she became the first female party member to be appointed Deputy Leader of The Nationals WA. A month later she was appointed to Cabinet as Minister for Water; Forestry and in late 2014 added the Sport and Recreation portfolio to her Ministerial responsibilities.

As Minister Mia was responsible for taking carriage of many important programs, including the $127.5 million Water for Food initiative, which is driving irrigated agriculture expansion in regional WA through 15 major projects. Roll-out of a $21 million Softwood Industry Strategy and Native Sandalwood Industry Strategy were among her achievements in the Forestry portfolio.

Following the 2017 State Election Mia was elected Parliamentary Leader of The Nationals WA.

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About the Central Wheatbelt Electorate

Area (km2):101,240
Number of Electors: 25,500 (9 March 2015)
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information.
Nomenclature: The district of Central Wheatbelt includes the existing district of Merredin, expanded west to include the shires of Beverley, York and the newly amalgamated Shire of Northam. The name Central Wheatbelt, renamed from the proposed Merredin, has been chosen, in response to objections, to better reflect the new extent of the district.
Source: Western Australia. Department of Land Administration. Names and Places.
Suburbs/Towns: Adamsvale, Aldersyde, Ardath, Baandee, Babakin, Badgerin Rock, Badgin, Badjaling, Bakers Hill, Balkuling, Balladong, Ballidu, Bally Bally, Barbalin, Beacon, Bencubbin, Benjaberring, Beverley, Bilbarin, Bonnie Rock, Boddington, Booralaming, Brookton, Bruce Rock, Buckland, Bullaring, Bulyee, Burakin, Burges, Burlong, Burracoppin, Burran Rock, Cadoux, Caljie, Chandler, Clackline, Cleary, Cold Harbour, Copley, Corrigin, Cowcowing, Cramphorne, Cubbine, Cunderdin, Cunjardine, Daadenning Creek, Dale, Daliak, Dandanning, Dangin, Doodenanning, Doodlakine, Dowerin, Dukin, Dulbelling, East Ballidu, East Beverley, Elabbin, Flynn, Gabbin, Gilgering, Goomalling, Goomarin, Gorge Rock, Grass Valley, Greenhills, Greenwoods Valley, Gwambygine, Hindmarsh, Hines Hill, Hulongine, Hyden, Inkpen, Irishtown, Jelcobine, Jennacubbine, Jennapullin, Karlgarin, Karloning, Karranadgin, Katrine, Kauring, Kellerberrin, Kokeb, Kondinin, Kondut, Konnongorring, Koomberkine, Koorda, Korbel, Korrelocking, Kulja, Kunjin, Kununoppin, Kurrenkutten, Kweda, Kwelkan, Kwolyin, Lake Brown, Lake Hinds, Lake Margarette, Lake Ninan, Malabaine, Malebelling, Manmanning, Meckering, Meenaar, Merredin, Minnivale, Mocardy, Mokine, Mollerin, Morbinning, Mt Caroline, Mt Hardey, Mt Stirling, Mt Walker, Mukinbudin, Muluckine, Mumberkine, Muntadgin, Muresk, Nalkain, Nangeenan, Narembeen, Narraloggan, Nembudding, Newcarlbeon, Nokaning, Norpa, North Baandee, North Kellerberrin, North Kununoppin, North Tammin, North Trayning, North Wialk, North Yelbeni, Northam, Nukarni, Nungarin, Pantapin, Pingelly, Quairading, Quelagetting, Quellington, Rossmore, Shackleton, South Burracoppin, South Doodlakine, South Kumminin, South Kununoppin, South Quairading, South Tammin, South Trayning, South Yelbeni, Southern Brook, Spencers Brook, St Ronans, Talbot, Talbot West, Talgomine, Tammin, Tampu, Tandegin, Throssell, Trayning, Ucarty, Ucarty West, Wadderin, Waeel, Walyormouring, Wamenusking, Warding East, Watercarrin, Wattoning, Welbungin, West Ballidu, West Holleton, Westdale, Wailki, Wandering, Westonia, Wilberforce, Wilgoyne, Wongamine, Wongan Hills, Woolocutty, Woottating, Wundowie, Wyalkatchem, Wyola West, Yelbeni, Yilgarn, York, Yoting, Youndegin
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information.
Avonvale Primary School; Babakin Primary School; Bakers Hill Primary School; Beacon Primary School; Bencubbin Primary School; Beverley District High School; Boddington District High School; Brookton District High School; Bruce Rock District High School; Cadoux Primary School; Corrigin District High School; Cunderdin District High School; Dowerin District High school; Goomalling Primary School; Hyden Primary School; Kellerberrin District High School; Kondinin Primary School; Koorda Primary School; Meckering Primary School; Merredin College; Moorine Rock Primary School; Mukinbudin District High School; Narembeen District High School; Northam Primary School; Nungarin Primary School; Pingelly Primary School; Quairading District High School; Southern Cross District High School; Tammin Primary School; Trayning Primary School; WA College of Agriculture - Cunderdin; Wandering Primary School; West Northam Primary School; Wongan Hills District High School; Wundowie Primary School; Wyalkatchem District High School; York District High School

Sacred Heart Catholic School; St Joseph's School; St Mary's School; Woodthorpe School
Local Newspapers:
Hills Gazette
Merredin-Wheatbelt Mercury
Avon Valley & Wheatbelt Advocate
Narrogin Observer
Toodyay Herald
Cental Midlands & Coastal Advocate
Books about Central Wheatbelt:
Dunne, Marilyn (ed): Beacon, the beginning (2017)
Eva Braid: From afar a people drifted - the story of Koorda, a wheatbelt settlement (504p. E Forbes, 1997)
Frances Eaton: The golden grain and the silver fleece - a history of Quairading from 1859-1930 (200p. Quairading Shire Council, 1979)
Terry Spence: A man, his dog and a dead kangaroo: Kellerberrin, Doodlakine, Baandee (412p. Shire of Kellerberrin, 2001)
F A Law: The history of the Merredin District (222p. Merredin Road Board, 1961)
Iris Bristow: Seedtime & harvest - a history of the Narembeen district 1888-1988 (206p. Narembeen Shire Council, 1988)
Anne Rogers: Wongan Hills - work in progress 1911-2011 (148p. Shire of Wongan-Ballidu, 2011)
Colin Jasper: Cunderdin a hundred years on (186p. Access Press, 2006)
Joseph Stokes: Cunderdin-Meckering, a wheatlands history (333p. Hyland House, 1986)
Barbara Sewell: Goomalling, a backward glance - a history of the district (484p. Goomalling Shire Council,1998)
F H Broomhall: Mount Marshall - a history of the district and its people from earliest times to 1942 (435p. Shire of Mount Marshall, 1983)
Audrey Webb: Condinin, Karlgarin, Hyden - community, time and place (416p. Shire of Kondinin, 1988)
Jocelyn Maddock: On the line - a history of the Shire of Mukinbudin (447p. Shire of Mukinbudin, 1987)
Olga Joukovsky-Vaisvila: Around the rock - a history of the Shire of Nungarin Western Australia (116p. Nungarin Shire Council, 1978)
Des Repton: Wheat, wool and wodjil - a tribute to the people and events that moulded the district of Tammin (419p. Access Press, 1999)
C Fitzgerald Fraser: A history of Dowerin (62p. Dowerin Road Board, 1929)
Stan Gervas: Tin Dog Creek - the Dowerin story 1897-1997 (272p. Shire of Dowerin, 1997)
Hellen Antonio-Crake: Koorda - a district emerges (129p. Koorda Shire Council, 1974)
Glen McLaren: Beverley - our journey through time, a history of the Shire of Beverley (258p. Shire of Beverley, 2002)
John K Ewers: Bruce Rock - the story of a district (142p. Bruce Rock District Road Board, 1959)
Ross Haig: Corrigin - pioneering days and beyond (166p. Shire of Corrigin, 1982)
Donald Garden: Northam - an Avon Valley history (288p. Hesperian Press, 1992)
Reg Appleyard: A history of Trayning - the Shire's contribution to the development of Western Australia's eastern wheatbelt (306p. UWAP Custom, 2009)
Monica Mulcahy: Duri-iring - an outline of the development of the Trayning district with an emphasis on the contribution of Catholics (37p. 1968)
Frank Parker: The road to York - from Guildford to York, Western Australia, an early history (36p. Parker Print, 2006)
A M Clack: Origins of the York town hall (43p. York Society, 2011)

2017 Election Result

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Successive Members for the Central Wheatbelt District

Brendon Grylls
Brendon Grylls

Constituency created under the Redistribution of Seats 2007

Brendon Grylls National Party 2008 - 2013
Mia Jane Davies National Party 2013 -
b = by-election